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Detroit Retirees Set To Face Major Pension Cutbacks

Two protestors hold a sign during a May Day protest against the Detroit Emergency Manager and the municipal Bankruptcy in downtown Detroit

‘This is coercion, intimidation’

Common Core in crosshairs after schools get F

Arne Duncan

‘Locally-controlled schools doesn’t mean that a high rate of failure is acceptable’

Detroit files for bankruptcy

Detroit Finances Emergency Manager.JPEG

‘Let me be blunt: Detroit is broke’

Michigan bill punishes universities for skirting right-to-work

Labor Politics

‘It’s very blatant what’s going on here’

The end of unions?

What Michigan Governor Rick Snyder gets right and wrong about labor policy.

Michigan governor Snyder likely to veto bill that would allow concealed carry inside schools

Right To Work Michigan.JPEG

Snyder became a national conservative hero when he signed his state’s right-to-work bill last week.

Republican Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder not too upset by violent union protests

Michigan's Right-To-Work Legislation Draws Large Protests At Capitol

‘It’s part of democracy. Most people have been pretty civil. We’ve had a couple small unfortunate incidents’

Top Michigan Democrat urged Obama to cut state funding in order to kill right-to-work bill

Barack Obama

State Senate Minority leader calls on POTUS to kill federal funds

New Michigan law allows big, loud fireworks to the ire of some residents - TheDC

Fourth of July Weekend Fireworks

Legislator: ‘They’re the same people who don’t like guns and don’t like cars that drive real fast’

Mich. taxpayers trump gov., force Canadian bridge proposal on ballot - TheDC

San Francisco Bridge

Gov. Rick Snyder bypassed Michigan legislature, struck deal with Canadians that would require $2 billion in federal government funds

GOP lawmakers seek labor reform in Michigan - TheDC

Michigan has been pushing major labor reforms in both the private and government sectors

Union protests spread to Michigan - Detroit Free Press

Protesters contest Snyder’s proposal to empower emergency financial managers

President Obama could learn from Governor Walker

Walker is a leader; Obama is not.

Michigan governor proposes film credit cuts - Wall Street Journal

Republican Gov. Rick Snyder’s budget cuts Hollywood incentives

TheDC Morning: Washington's Funniest Celebrity tries new routine on 'This Week' - TheDC

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A state-by-state glance at Tuesday's election - AP

A look at the key races in the 50 states

Daily Caller High: XVIII

Daily Caller High is a group of young writers cutting their teeth in the world of political punditry

Wealthy political newcomers are spending big - AP

A host of former corporate leaders are spending millions in their quest for elective office

Races to watch Tuesday: Michigan, Missouri and Kansas - TheDC

Competitive primaries are held tomorrow for the GOP nomination for governor in Michigan and for the GOP Senate nomination in Kansas