rick snyder

Michigan And Wisconsin Infrastructure Crumbling Under Severe Flooding

Energy | Tim Pearce
6 to 8 inches of rain

Official In Hot Water After Slamming Activist For Dinging Gov's Handling Of Water Crisis

Energy | Chris White
'You have not earned the right to disrespect our governor'

Did Michigan's Governor Lie Under Oath? New Testimony In Flint Case Says So

Politics | Anders Hagstrom
When did he learn of the lead problem?

Lawmakers Tell Police Director To Resign For Condemning NFL Protests On PERSONAL Facebook Page

US | Anders Hagstrom
'Ingrates who hate America'

Michigan Gov Says Officials Charged In Flint Water Case Are 'Strong Leaders'

Energy | Chris White
'based on unproven allegations'

Flint Official Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter For Role In Water Crisis

Energy | Chris White
AG has charged 13 defendants

Flint Official Allegedly Says 'N**gers Not Paying Bills' Caused Water Crisis

Energy | Chris White
'They just don’t pay their bills'

Flint Officials Shake Down Citizens For Millions In Unpaid Water Bills

Energy | Chris White
'I can’t lose my house'

Retiring Michigan Regulator Claims Broken Water Pipes Caused Flint Crisis

Energy | Chris White
'You never hear anybody talk about'

Flint Citizens Sue EPA For Nearly $1 Billion Over Water Crisis

Energy | Chris White
'... mismanaged this environmental catastrophe'

Discontinued Shortly After OJ Chase, The Ford Bronco Is Making A Come Back

Business | Ted Goodman
'Create this new future'

Gov. Rick Snyder Dismisses Concerns About His Role In Flint Water Crisis

Energy | Chris White
'I have no reason to be concerned'

REPORT: EPA Delayed Helping Flint Fix Its Lead-Tainted Water

US | Michael Bastasch
'EPA failed'

Tesla Sues Michigan, Claims State Operates A Car Dealership Monopoly

Business | Chris White
'vindicate its rights under the United States Constitution'

New Michigan Poll Rocks Clinton Camp

Politics | Ted Goodman
Candidates are within the margin of error of each other

The National Spotlight On Flint Is Fading Fast -- Especially Among Dems

Energy | Chris White
'no, no, it's not what happened before ... It's still happening'

Michigan Taxpayers Get A $5 Million Bill Defending Governor In Flint Water Case

Energy | Chris White
'Take a stand against this absolute abuse of public dollars'

Six More Michigan Employees Charged In Flint Water Crisis

Energy | Chris White
withheld or disregarded blood tests showing high lead levels

Attorney Can't Find Evidence Flint Mayor Acted 'Unethically' In Charity Scandal

Energy | Chris White
'I cannot find any evidence of unethical conduct'

Flint Sheriff Blasts State Officials Handling Of Water Crisis -- Calls Them 'Dictators'

Energy | Chris White
'You cannot take government from the people'

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