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Who has the fortitude of Robert Byrd today?

Opponents of Obama’s unconstitutional recess appointments could be doing a lot more than simply talking about why they oppose them. Why aren’t they?

The Ron Paul newsletter controversy is a textbook liberal smear campaign

Paul is not a racist and doesn’t have a racist bone in his body.

West Virginia discredits Keynesianism

If increased government spending were a sure-fire path to prosperity, West Virginia would be rich. Tellingly, it isn’t.

Nobody messes with Joe!

Joe Biden has replaced the late Robert Byrd as the king of pork.

Joe Manchin wimps out on West Virginia

West Virginia’s new senator skipped two crucial votes last week.

Sun setting on the death gratuity? - TheDC

Sunset Caucus looks to introduce legislation to eliminate payments to families of Members of Congress who die in office

5 election winners to be sworn in early - AP

Five winners of special House and Senate elections will be sworn in before the rest of the freshman class

More GOP Senate gains in 2012, 2014 inevitable

Republicans could have a filibuster-proof Senate majority as early as 2013.

Early clues: What to watch in Tuesday's elections - AP

Final results in some states might not be known for days but trends could be evident even before most of the nation has finished dinner

Palin to WV voters: Raese for Senate, leave Manchin as governor - AP

The conservative superstar attended a rally today in West Virginia for the Republican John Raese

A state-by-state glance at Tuesday's election - AP

A look at the key races in the 50 states

DSCC ad says John Raese should be senator in Florida - TheDC

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee launched a new ad attacking GOP senate candidate John Raese for being ‘out of touch’ with West Virginians and being more involved in Florida

Republicans plan January takedowns of Obama's 'czars' - TheDC

Obama has 33 czars, operating without congressional oversight, who hold power over everything from the environment to bank bailouts

Dem Manchin runs from Obama; denies EPA suit is political - TheDC

Gov. Joe Manchin’s cabinet secretary denies lawsuit against the EPA is politically motivated to distance the governor from Obama

Senators get death benefits; taxpayers get death taxes

If only we could pay all members of Congress not to work.

Dems' poor national numbers drag Manchin down - CBS

Joe Manchin’s fight shows how Dems face uphill battle nationwide

ANALYSIS: GOP's road to 51: West Virginia - TheDC

This is the first in a series of articles looking at the races that will determine whether Republicans capture the majority in the U.S. Senate.

DREAM act remains up in the air - The Hill

Several key Democratic senators have not made up their mind on the immigration amendment that will be attached to the defense authorization bill

West Virginia Senate race narrows considerably - Rasmussen Reports

Poll: Democrat Joe Manchin holds a 6-point lead over Republican John Raese, despite holding a double digit lead just a few weeks ago