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Buzz Aldrin's amazing mission

People Buzz Aldrin.JPEG

After landing, the astronaut took communion, and planted a very un-PC plaque.

Reagan the wise


Historians and the press usually flatter presidents by writing about their supposed brilliance; not the Gipper.

The Constitution: What difference does it make?

1789 Copy Of US Constitution

…in a country that’s more or less abandoned its precepts.

Election 2012: Echoes of Truman's 1948 campaign

Sixty-four years ago, a beleaguered Democratic incumbent narrowly defeated a moderate GOP governor.

What Powers and Wehner get wrong about the Palestinians

The Palestinians don’t deserve a state.

Americans are pro-Israel. Obama's party? Not so much

Resistance with respect

Some thoughts on President Obama’s second term.

The mullahs will never succumb to sanctions

They only understand force.

Israel is America's shield

Israel has our back.

How to dump your vice president

Lessons from history.

Chris Rock's tweet beyond the pale

What the comedian’s controversial tweet has to do with Frederick Douglass.

Reagan's Sign of the Cross Speech

Twenty-five years ago Tuesday, President Reagan took a bold stand for religious freedom.

The Obama administration should recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

Let the Jews have Jerusalem. It is they who have made it famous

American sovereignty: LOST at sea?

The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) needs to be extensively modified if not rejected altogether.

Obama's grovel-ready foreign policy

The president’s timid foreign policy has come up short.

The Shadow over Osawatomie: Obama vs. Lincoln

Barack Obama could learn a thing or two from the 16th president.

George Gilder's 'Israel test' --- and ours

In his new book, Gilder challenges us to confront our own prejudices and ask ourselves how we react to Israel.

The Arab Spring has turned into an Islamist fall

The Middle East’s revolutions are headed in the wrong direction.

Let the (drone) thing be pressed

Abraham Lincoln would have approved of Obama’s decision to have Anwar al-Awlaki killed.

Hillary: Counting Jews in Jerusalem

Secretary Clinton will come to bitterly rue her association with the shameful Mideast policies of this administration.