FBI reveals how many times it has used drones in the US

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Answer comes in letter to Rand Paul

Rand Paul threatens to block new FBI chief over drone issue

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Outgoing Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Robert Mueller is late in responding to Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul’s inquiry about FBI surveillance drone use

FBI admits to using drones for domestic surveillance

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First time the bureau has admitted to using the technology to gather intelligence

FBI hasn't contacted a single tea party group in IRS probe, groups say

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‘None of our clients has been contacted or interviewed by the FBI’

DOJ spends millions on 'nonmission' luxury travel for Attorney Generals, FBI director

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Eric Holder

Jets ‘supposedly needed for counterterrorism’ used for ‘jet-setting executive travel’

Grassley enters fray in pushing for answers from Holder, Mueller on FBI Petraeus probe - TheDC

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Charles Grassley

‘A number of questions have been raised about the FBI’s actions’

Lawsuit probes meeting between FBI director, radical Islamic group - The DCNF

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FBI Director Robert Mueller

Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act has not been fulfilled regarding the meeting

WH revokes defense authorization veto threat, detention provisions remain - TheDC

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Reversal comes after days of closed-door negotiations

FBI Director says child pornography investigations would be suspended if budget talks fail - TheDC

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Mueller says shutdown would cause a significant step backward amid what he called the most complex threat environment in history

George Bush’s Decision Points — keeping his own faith

Opinion | Lanny Davis

Decision Points is a great read about a good man who did his best, rightly or wrongly, in two terms as president.

The human pawns of Pan Am 103

Opinion | Pamela Varkony

When you consider the expanded circle of family and friends connected to the 270 people who died as a result of that terrorist act over Lockerbie, Scotland, the number probably encompasses several thousand people: I am one of them

Van Der Sloot says he knows Holloway location - AP

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Peruvian police say he ‘let slip’ during interrogation over murder of Stephany Flores

GOP wants Sestak background check - CBS

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GOP calls for FBI investigation in Sestak case

FBI illegally collected U.S. telephone records during Bush administration

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Citing internal memos and interviews, the Washington Post said the FBI invoked nonexistent terrorism emergencies or persuaded phone companies to provide information as it illegally gathered more than 2,000 records between 2002 and 2006