The New Prohibition: Infantilizing College Students

Opinion | Robert Shibley

Bans on speech and behavior aren’t an easy way out of vexing social problems

Did Anyone At University Of Iowa Apologize To Serhat Tanyolacar After They Got The Whole Story?

Opinion | DC Larson

The artist whose piece sparked outrage has a long history of anti-racist activism

Winter Is Coming -- But First, Let's Panic Over Costumes!

Opinion | Robert Shibley

It doesn’t take much for a higher-ed bureaucrat to feel offended.

For Some 'Affirmative Consent' Supporters, Injustice Is A Feature, Not A Bug

Opinion | Robert Shibley
Journalist Ezra Klein

Rather than improve the justice system, the laws leave the accused at the mercy of campus kangaroo courts.

Notre Dame to Student Group: Who Needs You?

Opinion | Robert Shibley

A pro-family student group gets denied recognition for asking the college president uncomfortable questions.

Wellesley students: Please censor art to protect our feelings

Opinion | Robert Shibley

Statue of an underwear-clad sleepwalker triggers dozens

2013's dumbest campus free speech cases

Opinion | Robert Shibley

MIT, Central Florida, you’re on the list.

Fake 'hate crimes' continue to plague campuses

Opinion | Robert Shibley

The Oberlin incident, and others, help drive the crackdown on free speech at universities.

Seventeen organizations take on the feds' national campus speech code

Opinion | Robert Shibley
Student Loans

Under the administration’s mandate, a reading of Lolita or ‘Howl’ could be sexual harassment.

Feds make everyone on campus a sexual harasser

Opinion | Robert Shibley

The federal government, which regulates most US universities, has redefined ‘sexual harassment’ to encompass virtually everything.

Old Dartmouth: Classes. New Dartmouth: Civility 'teach-ins'

Opinion | Robert Shibley

Dartmouth administrators canceled classes on Wednesday in response to anonymous Internet comments.

Governor McDonnell should defend religious freedom on Virginia campuses

Opinion | Robert Shibley

Will McDonnell allow student groups at Virginia’s public universities to take students’ beliefs into account when making membership decisions?

2012: a tough year for free speech on campus

Opinion | Robert Shibley

Most public colleges have blatantly unconstitutional speech codes.

College to student group: No selling Christmas trees, only 'holiday' trees

Opinion | Robert Shibley

The school’s administrators seem to think that offending people is illegal.

'Problem': Offensive speech. 'Solution': Censorship and vandalism?

Education | Robert Shibley

There is little tolerance for free speech on our nation’s college campuses.

Why Eric Posner is wrong about free speech

Feature:Opinion | Robert Shibley

The University of Chicago law professor thinks Americans overvalue free speech.

Can the government mandate that speech not offend?

Feature:Opinion | Robert Shibley

In the wake of the Libya violence, expect more US universities to try to rein in free speech.

U. of Texas drops inquiry into author of gay parenting report

Opinion | Robert Shibley

Gay rights activists wanted university to investigate author’s religious affiliation.

U. of Cincinnati loses free speech lawsuit — is another Ohio college next?

op-ed | Robert Shibley

On Wednesday, a judge ruled that UC couldn’t confine student speech to a tiny corner of campus.

Vanderbilt exiles evangelical Christians, Catholics

Opinion | Robert Shibley

The Tennessee school’s new ‘nondiscrimination’ policy is forcing religious groups to move off campus.