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MIT's New Robotic Hand Gives You Two Extra Fingers

‘You feel the robot as an extension of your hand’

Names, sadness, funerals: How troops interact with their robots

EOD Robot and techniciain

Do soldiers love their robots?

Robot helicopter controlled by human mind

‘It is all about helping people with a disability or various neurodegenerative disease’

Not sci-fi: European Union building worldwide knowledgebase to train robots

I Robot

‘The future of Cloud Robotics remains uncertain’

Asteroid mining venture aims to add trillions to global GDP - TheDC

Asteroid Mission

Planetary Resources will mine water, platinum and other precious metals from near-Earth approaching asteroids.

A robot with a human face - ZDNet

Japan Rechargeable Battery Robot

‘Mask-bot can create facial expressions and simple dialog’

ABC to televise youth robotics and technology special - TV Examiner

I am First

Black Eyed Peas, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus all make guest appearances

Robots punch humans for science - New Scientist

In another test, a researcher put his own arm on the line to show how smart sensors could enable a knife-wielding kitchen robot to stop short of cutting him

Google's robot cars log 140k miles - AP

The Mountain View, Calif.-based technology giant has sent seven test cars a total of 1,000 miles without a human touching the controls at all, the New York Times reported

World's first cyborg suggests humans 'upgrade' - Motherboard

He doesn’t want to become a robot; he wants to be a better human.

America's loneliest robot - Popular Science

America is falling behind in the robot race, with only one true humanoid in the country, built by a team at Virginia Tech

Robot wave of the party future - Singularity Hub

Team of engineers constructs beer-fetching robot; shoots pool, cleans up after a party, and pops a Lager open

Three-legged dogs help robot research - Discovery News

Researchers in Germany are studying three-legged dogs in an effort to teach robots how to handle a missing limb

Robots vie for soccer glory in the RoboCup - AFP

More than 500 teams participated in the RoboCup held in Singapore this year

Soon, that nearby worker might be a robot - Business Week

Safety advances and a keener sense of their surroundings are putting robots to work in such new settings as hospitals, warehouses, and office

Robot performs wedding ceremony in Tokyo - AP

Almost everyone stood when the bride walked down the aisle in her white gown, but not the wedding conductor, because she was bolted to her chair

Robot astronaut set to take off - MSNBC

When Discovery’s six astronauts take the final space shuttle ride to orbit in September, there’ll be one more rider sitting in the back of the bus: Robonaut 2, the semi-humanoid robot created by NASA and GM

South Korea building robot-themed magic kingdom - CNET

We’re not sure if this portends a robot Mickey Mouse and Snow White, but Korea plans to build what is believed to be the world’s first robot theme park, the Korea Herald reports. The robot magic kingdom will be part of a giant residential and industrial complex called Robot Land in Incheon, one of South Korea’s largest cities and a major transportation hub