Father Of Afghan Robotics Team Captain Killed By ISIS Suicide Bombers

World | Ryan Pickrell
She 'is very angry and is not eating or speaking to anyone'

Can A Manufacturing Revival Be Fueled By Tax Reform And Robots?

Opinion | Alan Daley
This import tax might create a slim advantage in that will help U.S. employment and economy grow.

Google's Cutting-Edge Robotic Dog Sent To Marine Corps For Basic Training

Tech | Emma Colton
The robot could potentially save soldiers's lives

American And Japanese Mega Robots Set To Duke It Out

Tech | Timothy Reisinger
Can the Japanese redeem their World Cup loss?

Quadriplegic Man Can Control Robotic Prosthetic With His Brain And Possibly A Little Witchcraft

Tech | Christian Datoc
'This project has made a huge difference in my life.'

Newest Connecticut-Library Employees Look Like No Other

Tech | Christian Datoc
'About the height of a toddler, they look like bigger, better-dressed cousins of Buzz Lightyear'

MIT's New Robotic Hand Gives You Two Extra Fingers

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
'You feel the robot as an extension of your hand'

Names, sadness, funerals: How troops interact with their robots

Tech | Thomas Phippen
Do soldiers love their robots?

Robot helicopter controlled by human mind

Tech | Laurel Conrad
'It is all about helping people with a disability or various neurodegenerative disease'

Not sci-fi: European Union building worldwide knowledgebase to train robots

Tech | Josh Peterson
'The future of Cloud Robotics remains uncertain'

Asteroid mining venture aims to add trillions to global GDP

Tech | Josh Peterson
Planetary Resources will mine water, platinum and other precious metals from near-Earth approaching asteroids.

A robot with a human face

Tech | Josh Peterson
'Mask-bot can create facial expressions and simple dialog'

ABC to televise youth robotics and technology special

Tech | InternAdmin
Black Eyed Peas, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus all make guest appearances

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