roe v wade

Abortions In Mississippi Need To Be Performed By OB-GYNs, Judge Rules

US | Grace Carr
Have to be trained as OB-GYN

Here's What Abortion Looks Like In America Since Roe v. Wade

US | Grace Carr
More than 7,000,000 abortions

Elizabeth Warren Celebrates Anniversary Of Roe v. Wade: No More 'Back Alley Butchers'

Politics | Grace Carr
'Safer than getting your tonsils out'

Jane Doe Case Eerily Similar To Jane Roe, Except This Time The Baby Died

op-ed | Janet A. Morana
Courts have allowed a woman who crossed the border illegally to kill her traveling companion.

Parents Of Disabled Child Sue Doctors For 'Wrongful Birth,' Wish They Had Aborted

US | Grace Carr
'A woman has a right to choose'

How Can Anyone Think That Roe V. Wade Is "Settled"?

Opinion | Clarke Forsythe
The mere passage of time does not settle a Supreme Court decision.

Roe No More -- How Three Lives Connect In The Hoped-For Overturning Of Roe v. Wade

Opinion | Fr. Frank Pavone
Reversing the ruling could become the historical bookend to one of the most shameful chapters in American jurisprudence.

'Jane Roe' Of Historic Abortion Decision Dead At 69

US | Justin Caruso
'Roe' from Roe v Wade dies from heart issues

Dear Liberals: No, Neil Gorsuch Can't Overturn Roe Vs. Wade

Opinion | Joe Alton
One Supreme Court nominee, even an activist one, would have little effect on access to abortion.

Good News About Abortions In The US

US | Andrew Follett
Planned Parenthood's business model could be in trouble ...

This Paragraph Could Be The Beginning Of The End For Roe V Wade

US | Rachel Stoltzfoos
'We are going to see the end of Roe soon'

Roe's Legacy: Proliferation of "Back-Alley" Abortion Clinics

Opinion | Denise Burke
We are seeing a pushback against the abortion industry’s intentionally deceptive propaganda.

Sessions Unabashedly Stomps On Roe V Wade In Senate Confirmation Hearing

Daily Caller News Foundation | Rachel Stoltzfoos
'Violated the Constitution'

Tim Kaine Eagerly Volunteers Times He Compromised Faith For Policy

Elections | Katie Frates
'That's an easy one for me'

Hillary On Supreme Court Nominees: Some Laws Are More Settled Than Others

Elections | Derek Hunter
'Roe v Wade is settled law and Citizens United needs to be overturned'

Why Should Abortion Clinics Be Exempt From Protecting Patients?

Opinion | Clarke Forsythe
If the Court scrupulously applies its decision in Gonzales, it should uphold the Texas health and safety standards.

Florida Clinics Must Enforce 24-Hour Waiting Period Before Performing Abortions

US | Casey Harper
'Common-sense measure'

'Nothing To Celebrate': Protesters Crash Planned Parenthood Roe V. Wade Party In Freezing Temps

US | Casey Harper
'Abortion is nothing to celebrate'

Carson: No Abortion In Cases Of Rape Or Incest

Elections | Steve Guest
'If people can come up with a reasonable explanation of why they would like to kill a baby, I'll listen'

Why Does Marco Rubio Want To Lock Up Observant Jews?

Opinion | David Benkof
If the Rubio policy prevails, some traditional Jews will have excruciating decisions to make.

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