A Dred Scott Decision For Unborn Children?

Opinion | Ken Blackwell
Demonstrators in favor of Obamacare gather at the Supreme Court building in Washington March 4, 2015.  REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

A Roe II would be a death blow to the integrity of the Supreme Court.

Why Have Conservatives Been More Successful On Abortion Than Gay Marriage?

Opinion | W. James Antle III
A boy holds up a sign during a rally by gay rights supporters on the steps of the Pennsylvania State Capital in Harrisburg

It might have something to do with the children

The GOP's Unforced Error On Abortion

Opinion | Gary Bauer
Thousands participate in anti-abortion March for Life past U.S. Capitol and Supreme Court in Washington

Victory goes to the party willing to do what it takes. Democrats do, Republicans don’t.

Round 42: Pro-Life Public Marches Against Judicial Supremacy

Politics | Neil Munro
Annual March For Life Protests 1973 Roe v. Wade Ruling In Washington

Tens of thousands descend on Washington for March for Life

Judges Rewrite Roe v. Wade To Protect Unsafe Abortion Clinics

Opinion | Kristan Hawkins
Abortion Restrictions Clinics.JPEG

The government is propping up incompetent, dangerous abortionists at the expense of women’s health.

Pro-lifers brave windy, freezing temps to 'March for Life'

US | Caroline May
'I know it's a tremendous sacrifice for you all who are braving these extreme elements to be here, but no sacrifice is too great for this cause'

Obama praises Roe v. Wade decision

Politics | Caroline May
U.S. President Obama pauses during year-end news conference in the White House briefing room in Washington

‘Because this is a country where everyone deserves the same freedom and opportunities to fulfill their dreams’

Abortion puts women at risk, and it's the government's job to protect them

Opinion | Ovide Lamontagne
Texas Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst strikes the gavel after the Senate passed legislation restricting abortion rights in Austin

‘Expect the abortion lobby to fight these commonsense limits, claiming it is a matter of life and death. They’re right.’

Gay marriage cases different from Roe v. Wade

Opinion | Alex Lundry
APTOPIX Supreme Court Gay Marriage.JPEG

Why the Supreme Court can legalize gay marriage without triggering a Roe-like backlash.

Obama’s touts abortion rights, child safety to win women’s votes

Politics | Neil Munro
Debt Limit.JPEG

‘There is no law or set of laws that can prevent every senseless act of violence completely’

Pro-abortion activists rally before the Supreme Court on 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Politics | Caroline May
Roe v Wade Abortion Anniversary.JPEG

The activists warned that their right to have an abortion remains under siege

Forty years later, we mourn --- and hope

Opinion | Lila Rose

Fifty-five million American lives have been lost to abortion since the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade in 1973.

Poll: Majority of Americans now support legal abortion in all or most cases

US | Caroline May
Abortion Roe v. Wade

‘These are profound changes’

Groups rank the states based on anti-abortion records - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May
Pro- and anti-abortion activists square off. Getty Images.

Check out which states came in at the top and the bottom

Why overturning Roe v. Wade would barely lower the abortion rate

Opinion | Peter Tucci

Most abortions occur in pro-choice states.

Alabama Supreme Court takes on Roe v. Wade - TheDC

US | Caroline May
Alabama Supreme Court

‘This Court reaffirms that the lives of unborn children are protected by Alabama’s wrongful-death statute’

Rubio: 'America cannot truly fulfill its destiny unless' it ends abortion - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May
Marco Rubio

Senator takes hard stand at Susan B. Anthony List’s fifth annual Campaign for Life Gala

House Approp chair 'shocked by the lengths that this administration has gone to undercut the sanctity of life' - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May
Hal Rogers

Says GOP has made gains, but many essential goals remain

Bachmann predicts that presidential elections will end abortion - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May
Michele Bachmann

Bachmann: We will gather again when we have ‘ended abortion in this all important election’

Why my generation is the most pro-life in recent history

Opinion | Kristan Hawkins

We realize how much we have lost to abortion — and continue to lose.