GOP Lawmakers Want To Carry Guns After Shooting

US | Kerry Picket

‘I mean we had no we had nothing to fight back with but bats’

Congressional Staffer Reportedly Shot By Gunman

US | Eric Lieberman
Senator John Cornyn (L), Senator Ted Cruz (R) and Congressman Roger Williams (C) talk to reporters about an explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas April 19, 2013. Investigators searched for clues on Friday to the cause of an explosion and inferno after an apparent industrial accident at West Fertilizer Co flattened sections of a small town and killed at least 12 people. REUTERS/Jaime R. Carrero

‘Deeply saddened’

Congress Wonders Why Some F-35s It Funded Haven't Been Built

Politics | Thomas Phippen
The F-35 Lightning II, also known as the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), planes arrive at Edwards Air Force Base in California. (REUTERS/Tom Reynolds/Lockheed Martin Corp)

‘They need to be transparent, don’t they?’