Political Divisiveness: What Happened To Bourbon And Branch Water?

Opinion | Ron Hart

If Hillary got along with Putin, she’d have a Nobel Peace Prize by now.

The Texas Two-Step Into The Transgender Bathroom Non-Issue

Opinion | Ron Hart
FILE PHOTO -- A sign protesting a recent North Carolina law restricting transgender bathroom access adorns the bathroom stalls at the 21C Museum Hotel in Durham, North Carolina May 3, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Drake/File Photo

Judge a man by the quality of his character, not the contents of his walk-in closet.

Illi-noise: Another 'Progressive' Blue State Cannot Pay Its Bills

Opinion | Ron Hart
Chicago Skyline: marchello74/shutterstock.com  

Cities and states that are ruled by the left always have the worst governance.

Russia, Hookers, And The Democrats' Big Swing And A Miss At Trump

Opinion | Ron Hart
U.S. President Donald Trump says something to reporters as he departs for travel to Poland and the upcoming G-20 summit in Germany, from the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, U.S., July 5, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst - RTX3A46V

The media set off these false narratives to attack the president.

The Fourth of July Has Lost Meaning Of Freedom

Opinion | Ron Hart
July Fourth celebrations moved up a month

In the era of big government, the meaning of ‘freedom’ has changed.

Comedy Leads To Tragedy?

Opinion | Ron Hart
A Post-Election Evening With Stephen Colbert & John Oliver to Benefit Montclair Film Festival (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Montclair Film Festival)

“Comedians” of late night have slowly abandoned humor and replaced it with belittling vitriol aimed at Republicans.

Comey Hearings -- We Also Get "Queasy" Watching Washington

Opinion | Ron Hart

Maybe the former FBI head wanted to take down the president to impress Jodie Foster.

Coddled Millennials' Lack Of Preparedness Hurts Economy

Opinion | Ron Hart

There is an unmet sense of entitlement in this generation.

Trump Upsets the Ruling Class With His POTUS-Operandi

Opinion | Ron Hart
President Donald Trump listens while meeting with women small business owners in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on March 27, 2017 in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images)

Democrats hate Trump because, without government, they could not make a living in the real world.

Mueller?.... Mueller?.... Mueller?

Opinion | Ron Hart
Robert Mueller (Getty Images)

Trump planned to fire Comey even before the scathing memo about Comey was sent out.

Fake News: If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again

Opinion | Ron Hart
WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 09: U.S. President Donald Trump meets with members of the airline industry at the White House February 9, 2017 in Washington, DC. Trump held a listening session with the group to advance issues relative to the airline industry. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Trump wants to expedite this Russia witch hunt, and he should.

Obamacare Bill: A Game Of Hide And Seek

Opinion | Ron Hart
U.S. President Donald Trump (L) turns to House Speaker Paul Ryan (2ndR) as he gathers with Congressional Republicans in the Rose Garden of the White House after the House of Representatives approved the American Healthcare Act, to repeal major parts of Obamacare and replace it with the Republican healthcare plan, in Washington, U.S., May 4, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

The politics look the same as ever.

Free Speech Suffocated On Campus: The Silence Of The Lambs

Opinion | Ron Hart
A man looks on as opposing factions gather over the cancelation of conservative commentator Ann Coulter's speech at the University of California, Berkeley, in Berkeley, California, U.S., April 27, 2017. REUTERS/Stephen Lam

The left, who have stifled free speech, live in a world of hypocrisy.

Lil' Kim -- Failure to Launch

Opinion | Ron Hart
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un observes a target-striking contest by the Korean People's Army

When the U.S.A. owes China 1.3 trillion dollars, they want make sure we are OK.

Democrats Have Mastered The Great Conflation

Opinion | Ron Hart
BERLIN, GERMANY - OCTOBER 19: Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a meeting to discuss the Ukrainian peace process at the German federal Chancellery on October 19, 2016 in Berlin, Germany. The leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany, known as the Normandy Four, met in Berlin to discuss implementation of the peace plan known as the Minsk Protocol, a roadmap for resolving the conflict in Ukraine after Russian forces invaded in 2014 and annexed the peninsula of Crimea. The United States has threatened renewed sanctions on Russia if the country did not either implement the plan in the coming months or arrive at a plan on how to do so. (Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

They think a hacking incident was a big international conspiracy.

Trump's Golf Summit: I Like Spike(s)

Opinion | Ron Hart
US property magnate Donald Trump practices his swing at the 13th tee of his new Trump International Golf Links course on the Menie Estate near Aberdeen, Scotland, Britain June 20, 2011. PHOTO: REUTERS

Watching Trump and the Freedom Caucus play golf would combine the two most riveting forms of TV: Golf Channel and C-SPAN.

Government Intrusion In Health Insurance: Let's Fix It Right

Opinion | Ron Hart
stethoscope over the dollar bills

Under ObamaCare, the only choices were to buy the farm, sell the family jewels, or push up daisies.

Gorsuch And Such

Opinion | Ron Hart
U.S. Supreme Court nominee judge Neil Gorsuch smiles at his Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., March 20, 2017. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Every time Democrats try to oppose Trump they end up as disappointed as Rosie O’Donnell’s prom date.

Isolated from The Real World, Liberal Colleges Continue To Embarrass

Opinion | Ron Hart
Undocumented Texas A&M students and their supporters protest silently as white nationalist leader Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute speaks on campus at an event not sanctioned by the school, at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, December 6, 2016. REUTERS/Spencer Selvidge

The First Amendment has died a slow death on college campuses, strangled over time by their left-wing bureaucracies.

Another Crazy Week For Trump v. Washington

Opinion | Ron Hart

If Trump is acting paranoid, as if everybody is against him, he is wrong. Only 90% are.