Limbaugh Predicts Violence Similar To Dallas At Republican And Democratic Conventions

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‘I would love to be wrong about it’

Limbaugh: Trump Should Go To Benghazi To Respond To Hillary's Attacks

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‘Point that Boeing 757 of yours someplace where she’s been and screwed it up and do your answer from there’

Limbaugh: When Trump Wins, The Left Will Be Violent At Levels Not Previosly Seen

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‘People are gonna be shocked at the degree to which the left intends to intimidate people into reversing that result’

'Morning Joe' Panel Rails Against Clinton, Lynch For Their Private Meeting

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‘These two people showed the most extraordinarily bad judgment’

Limbaugh: The Brexit 'Shock' Result Is Similar To This Presidential Election

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Rush Limbaugh, Screen Grab Rush Limbaugh Dittocam, 6-27-2016

‘It’s depressing, when you get right down to it’

Limbaugh: Democrats Push Immigration As A 'Voter Registration Drive'

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Want to import the ‘dregs of the world into this country in order to cut this country down to size’

Limbaugh: Obama Sounds Like A 'Defense Lawyer' For Terrorists

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‘And it’s not just Obama, it’s the whole Democrat Party’

Limbaugh: Anti-Trump Rioters Are 'Really Anti-America'

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‘The American flag is being burned… The protest signs say ‘Make California Mexico again’

Limbaugh: Obama Has Lost It Because He's 'Jealous' Of Trump

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Obama ‘is livid that Trump is so creative on Twitter’

Limbaugh: 'Real Women' Like Trump

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‘Deep down, no real woman respects any man who can be so easily PC-whipped’

Limbaugh: By Discussing Bill's Past, Trump Is 'Doing The Job' The Media Won't Do

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‘The Drive-Bys clearly are not gonna tell’ millennials about Clinton’s past

Limbaugh Reveals Why He Won't Endorse Donald Trump

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Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Screen Shots Fox News and Rush Limbaugh

‘What difference does it make now?’

Rush Limbaugh: If Hillary Loses, It'll Be Because Of This One Issue

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Rush Limbaugh, Screen Shot, Rush Limbaugh Show,' 5-11-2016

‘It’s gonna tick ’em off’

Limbaugh: Democrats Should 'Recreate' The Clinton, Lewinsky Affair For An Exciting Convention

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‘Bring out Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky and a bed’

Limbaugh: A Hillary Indictment Would Be A 'Resume Enhancement'

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However, Clinton is ‘not going to be indicted’

Rush Limbaugh: The Donald 'Is An Internet Troll'

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Rush Limbaugh, Screen Shot Rush Limbaugh Show, 5-9-2016

‘American politics is determined by trolls on the internet today’

Limbaugh: Kerry's 'Borderless World' Comment Strengthens Trump's Appeal

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‘I guess we imagined a simpler and more functional and happier place that had borders’

Did Limbaugh Just Solve The North Carolina Transgender Bathroom Bill Issue?

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‘The North Carolina governor could say that we don’t identify as North Carolina anymore’

Limbaugh: 'Trump Is Gonna Win, Beat Hillary Badly'

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Despite Criticism, Donald Trump Says Rush Limbaugh Has Been 'Terrific To Me' [images via MSNBC and Getty]

The media wants Trump in the White House, not Clinton