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Limbaugh EXPOSES Republicans' plan for amnesty double-cross

‘They don’t think you’ll be able to figure this out’

Rush Limbaugh: 'Polar vortex' fabricated by media to pin cold weather on global warming

'This is why it gets cold every winter'

Free speech is under attack, and America is damn tired of it

The cast from the "Duck Dynasty" reality television series arrive at the 48th ACM Awards in Las Vegas

Conservatives fought back against the Virus in 2013, and there’s some evidence they can win.

When Rush Limabugh BATTLED William Shatner over the meaning of conservatism

From TheDC Video Vault

Criticism of Pope Francis reveals what's wrong with conservatives

Pope Francis leads a mass at Saint Peter's Basilica at the Vatican

‘Modern conservatives have made it abundantly clear exactly where their heart is.’

Democrats engage in P.C. McCarthyism

Lily Adams eulogizes her grandmother the late Texas Governor Ann Richards in Austin

Anything can be part of the “War on Women” if you use your imagination



We will not be silent

Limbaugh: Obama didn't know it was Raul Castro's hand he was shaking

‘Obama would’ve bowed if he knew who Castro was’

Rush Limbaugh is on the move in 2014

Rush Limbaugh

‘Rush Limbaugh has built the ratings and revenue of hundreds of America’s most successful radio stations’

Limbaugh to pope: What 'unfettered capitalism'?


Conservative talker notes that relative free market capitalism does more for the poor than either forced or voluntary charity

Krauthammer REVEALS what he really thinks of Rush Limbaugh

The two recently had a little back and forth

Limbaugh spokesman responds to rape analogy outrage: Critics 'simply lying'


Conservative talker’s comparison of nuclear option and rape catches the attention of lefty groups

Rush to Barkley: White liberals, not 'white America,' trying to take the n-word away

Conservative talker weighs in on sports media’s debate over racial epithet

Is the Left taking over sports, too?

Middle-aged hippies protesting the Redskins. AP.

And it’s not just because Keith Olbermann is back at ESPN

Group behind 'hosurance' Obamacare ads attacked Limbaugh, state senator for 'sexism'


‘OMG, he’s hot! Let’s hope he’s as easy to get as this birth control’

Exit poll shocker: Conservative desertions sunk Cuccinelli

Republican gubernatorial candidate Cuccinelli campaigns in Warrenton, Virginia

Virginia’s independent conservatives don’t like being lectured by the Limbaugh set.

Limbaugh: Obama's health-care fraud 'greater' than Madoff'

‘This is why the nature of Obama’s lie is so profound and huge and personal and impeachable’

Limbaugh: 'Americans had to lose their healthcare plans in order for Obamacare to work'

Conservative talker appeals to leftist outlets monitoring him to spread the message

Rush Limbaugh: There's no feud between Charles Krauthammer and me

Radio talker downplays Politico report the two conservative commentators are at odds