THINK LIKE A FASCIST: Win A Prize For Thinking Up Daffy Trigger Warnings For Classic Books

Education | Eric Owens
Big Brother 1984 YouTube screenshot/Arua Gabriel

Finally, a use for political correctness!

Rutgers faculty wants Condoleezza Rice out as speaker because WHY?!

Education | Scott Greer
Condoleeza Rice has White House experience, and was arguably one of the best things to come out of the George W. Bush administration. Pros: The Romney campaign could use some diversity, and with Rice as a brilliant African-American woman, that would certainly do the trick. Cons: Condi won't budge and it looks like she's out of the game. In late May, she said of being on the ticket, "not going to happen" and that "[she loves policy, I don't really love politics....One can do a lot with policy not in Washington."

First black female secretary of state hasn’t done anything ‘extraordinary’

Rutgers makes professor teach class he is clueless about, suspends him for telling students

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Rutgers University Creative Commons/Tomwsulcer

Your tax dollars at work, New Jersey!

The nine colleges in America with the most ridiculously overpaid professors

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burn money. Photo: Getty Images/Christopher Furlong

Surprise! Almost half the most wasteful schools are in New Jersey

SNL takes on Mike Rice controversy

Sports | Stuart Dezenhall
SNL Mike Rice

If you can dodge a golf cart…

Top 10: Meanest coaches in sports movies [SLIDESHOW]

Slideshow | Taylor Bigler

From ‘A League of Their Own’ to ‘Dodgeball’

Rutgers basketball coach goes nuts, facing review by AD [VIDEO]

Sports | Stuart Dezenhall

Coach uses gay slurs and throws balls at players

Satirical Rutgers newspaper apologizes for calling sorority members ugly, alluding to cows

Education | Eric Owens
The Medium satire Rutgers

Struggling Alpha Chi Omega chapter will close before fall semester

Supporter of Iranian dictatorship brought Hagel to Rutgers for 2007 speech

Politics | Charles C. Johnson
Hagel and Amirahmadi with Zarif

Iran’s Guardian Council cleared Amirahmadi to run for the presidency in 2013

UMD leaves ACC to join Big Ten conference, Rutgers expected to follow suit - TheDC

Sports | Sarah Hofmann
UMD logo.

ACC expected to further poach the Big East to grab UConn or Lousiville to replace UMD

U. GLY: The least attractive college campuses in America [SLIDESHOW]

Education | Eric Owens
IUPUI in Indianapolis is a cement lover’s dream.

Albany, MIT, Drexel and others are waaay on the homely side — the buildings, that is

Conservative Jewish student says he is target of Anti-Semitic attacks - TheDC

US | Alex Myers
Fake article written in "The Medium"

A satirical campus newspaper used his name to praise Adolf Hitler

NJ Senator blasts 'degenerate' Snooki - TheDC

Entertainment | Laura Donovan

Sen. Joe Kyrillos wants to rework student fee structure after Snooki rakes in Rutgers speaking fee

Gutfeld: Better Snooki than Krugman, Matthews, Amanpour or Maddow - TheDC

Entertainment | Jeff Poor

‘Red Eye’ host contends $32k speaking fee for ‘Jersey Shore’ star a much better choice than ‘mad-tingler Chris Matthews’

Single men as likely as single women to desire marriage, study says - TIME

| Laura Donovan

A new study found that single men are just as likely to want marriage as single women. The real question is, do you buy it?

Family of Rutgers suicide victim lends name to New Jersey anti-harassment bill - CNN

US | interns

The family of Tyler Clementi, a Rutgers freshman who committed suicide in September, has allowed a New Jersey senator to use Clementi’s name on a new anti-harassment bill

No scientific proof that gay youths have it harder - TheDC

Politics | Laura Donovan

Countering massive press on subject, developmental psychologist Ritch Savin-Williams says there is no scientific evidence to support that a gay youth suicide epidemic exists

College football player paralyzed from the neck down - AP

Sports | admin

Rutgers linebacker Eric LeGrand suffers horrific neck injury during overtime victory against Army

Cyberbullying reaches new level

Opinion | Donna Rice Hughes

The suicides of Tyler Clementi and Asher Brown show how dangerous cyberbullying can be.