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CNN’s Sally Kohn Allegedly Fabricated Quote In Her Book — The Story Is Bonkers

Media | Justin Caruso
You've got to see this.

CNN's Sally Kohn Makes A Series Of Increasingly Smug Faces During Segment

Media | Justin Caruso
'...but it doesn't mean I'm Beyoncé'

'SHAMEFUL': CNN's Sally Kohn Gets Triggered Over Tax Cuts

Media | Justin Caruso
'I support deficit spending...'

CNN's Sally Kohn: 'Time For Al Franken To Go'

Politics | Peter Hasson
Pressure builds on Franken to resign...

CNN's Sally Kohn: We Need 'Extreme Vetting' For 'Toxic Masculinity'

Media | Justin Caruso
'Why aren't we talking about toxic masculinity?'

CNN's Sally Kohn FLIPS Over Bill Clinton Sexual Allegations

Media | Justin Caruso
'I wasn't going to bring up William Jefferson Clinton...'

Evening Mirror: Sarah Huckabee Sanders In The Hot Seat

Media | Betsy Rothstein

Afternoon Mirror: WaPo Columnist Denies Buying Hitler’s Undies

Media | Betsy Rothstein

'That's Totalitarianism' -- CNN's Sally Kohn Claims Trump's Attacks On Media Are 'Scary'

Politics | Peter Hasson
'It's not because the media attacks him personally'

Mom Wants Her 5-Year-Old To Be 'Queer' Like Her

US | Amber Randall
'Part of me would love it if he were queer'

CNN's Sally Kohn Wants To Fight Terrorism With 'Tolerance' And 'Political Correctness'

Politics | Peter Hasson
They're our "best weapon"

Sally Kohn's Take On Trump's Tax Return Is The Dumbest Thing She's Ever Said -- And That's Saying A Lot

Politics | Christian Datoc

'A Day Without A Woman' -- Translated For Trumpists

Entertainment | Mike Raust
Watch their left-wing PSA with honest right-wing subtitles.

Sally Kohn Proposes Plan To Install President Hillary -- Twitter Beats Her With A Metaphorical Sack Of Oranges

Politics | Christian Datoc
'May God have mercy on your soul...'

Sally Kohn Out-Sally-Kohns Herself In Election Eve TV Appearance

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
She's so nervous she's poppin' Xanex on election day.

The Tolerance And Tyranny Of Sally Kohn

Opinion | Dr. Everett Piper
The left's goal was always power, and now that they have it, they clearly intend to use it as a bludgeon against all who challenge their duplicity.

Sally Kohn: It's 'Good' If Conservatives Feel Unable To Speak On Campus

Education | Blake Neff
'If they feel they can no longer speak ... good.'

Sally Kohn Flat-Out Admits -- 'I Also Massage The Facts To Make Them Fit' My Narrative

Elections | Christian Datoc
'I can't even believe we're debating this as something that's good for democracy.'

Petition: Send Sally Kohn To A Country That Practices Sharia Law WITHOUT Bodyguards

Politics | Steve Guest
Sarcasm: 'As progressives, we know both Sharia Law and Muslims are tolerant and very LGBTQ friendly'

Sally Kohn Got Internet Murdered For Posting This Tweet, Her Stupidest To Date

Politics | Christian Datoc
'Many *progressive Muslims* believe in Sharia law!!!'

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