Here's Manti Te'o's -- Probably, Totally Real This Time -- Girlfriend [PHOTOS]

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Here's Manti Te'o's -- Probably, Totally Real This Time -- Girlfriend (Instagram/Getty Images)

It’s been three years since the former Notre Dame linebacker was catfished in front of the whole country

The NFL Has Finally Decided On What Team Will Be Moving To Los Angeles

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(Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

Did they make the right choice?

NFL Player Fined For Watching His Daughter's Halftime Performance

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(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

That is a lot of money

Charged Up: Tight End Threatens Quarterback During Blowout Loss

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‘Imma beat your a**!’

Ridiculous, One-Handed Touchdown Lifts Bears Over Chargers [VIDEO]

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‘Jay made a great throw, and I was able to go up and get it. After that, I went unconscious.’

Giving Back: San Diego Chargers Spend Off-Day Buying 1,200 Pairs Of Sneakers For Needy Kids

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San Diego Chargers Buy 1,200 Pairs Of Sneakers For Needy Kids (Getty Images)

‘This is our day off, but we all like to give back because we were all kids at some point’

San Diego Caves To Chargers, Agrees To Finance New Stadium

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Offer of taxpayer subsidies may not be enough to keep Chargers in San Diego

NFL Player Dyes His Beard To Look Like Santa Claus

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NFL Previews That Don't Suck: AFC West

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Football’s almost here, baby!

This old guy Chargers fan will blow you away with his moves

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You wish you were half as cool as this grandpa, who hopefully is not sober

Will this be the best 'reality' show ever?

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Which NFL team has the hottest cheerleaders? Dallas Cowboys vs. San Diego Chargers

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Vote for your favorite in this week’s matchup