Dem Senator Uses Santa Barbara Shooting To Urge Stricter Gun Laws

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘Congress will be complicit if we fail to act’

House Democrat's aide kills woman in drunk-driving accident

Politics | Charles C. Johnson

Lois Capp began political career pleading sympathy after drunk driving accident

Wasted college students show deplorable, hilarious ignorance of American history

Education | Eric Owens

‘The 4th of July was when we won the Civil War’

Environmentalists and oil companies form rare relationship in response to oil seepage - TheDC

US | Adam Jablonowski

The Santa Barbara coast is home to one of the most active naturally occurring oil seeps in the world

California surgeon charged with sex abuse found dead after apparent suicide - The DC

US | Jacqueline Drayer

Santa Barbara, California surgeon charged with sex abuse found dead after apparent suicide

Surfer bleeds to death after shark attack off coast of Santa Barbara - AOL News

US | Chad Brady (admin)

Local affiliates are reporting that the shark bit the leg off the surfer and he bled to death

Ca. Gov. candidate wants to create 'Pedophile Island' - The Daily Caller

Politics | Pat McMahon

Douglas Hughes, GOP candidate for California governor, wants to establish ‘Pedophile Island’ off of the coast of Los Angeles

Accidents and our energy straightjacket

Energy | Jeremy Martin

Congressional hearings aside, should the energy business be prepared to deal with increasingly suffocating regulation and oversight in the future? The answer seems a pretty direct yes. It might not make total sense, but it is the reality

Arnold ends support for offshore drilling - AP

Energy | interns

Massive oil spill leads CA governor to withdraw his support of a plan to drill off state’s coast

Social networking sites even sketchier than you thought - INFOSECURITY

Tech | interns

Researchers have combined stolen web browser history data with membership of social networking groups to identify large numbers of users who would otherwise be anonymous, it was revealed this week

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Like

Politics | Gautham Nagesh

Gates and Mullen to appear before the Senate Armed Services Committee to discuss repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell