School Choice Is Making Stunning Gains, Vote To Encourage Them

Opinion | Ashley Bateman
Georgia charter schools

The Christo Rey Network has a 100 percent record of college acceptance for graduates.

The Frum Tax: How Religious Americans Pay Extra For Public Schools

Opinion | David Benkof
Supreme Court Religious Employees.JPEG

What Ramapo got right

Pennsylvania Town May Make All Schools For-Profit

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff

Schools are broke and among the state’s worst

A Bold Plan To Accelerate Education Reform

Opinion | Ed Gillespie
West Virginia Schools Reset.JPEG

School choice is flourishing; we should encourage it by devolving funding and control to the states.

Florida Teachers Union Clouds Prospects For Special Needs Students

Opinion | Jared Blanchard
Yoga Balls Classroom.JPEG

They’re trying to strike down an innovative new program for developmentally challenged kids

Driverless Cars Will Make School Choice Easier

Opinion | Matthew La Corte

Transportation is a key barrier to sending kids to better-performing schools.

Activists Target Florida School Choice Program

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff

Jeb Bush: ‘Latest attack on parental choice by an entrenched education establishment’

New Hampshire Court Upholds School Choice Law

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff

Students can use tax credits toward private, religious schools

To Combat Youth Unemployment, Start With School Choice

Opinion | Robert Enlow
Georgia charter schools

As Milton Friedman’s birthday is celebrated this week, let’s remember one of his best ideas.

Parents Say Kids Tested Too Much, Knock Common Core

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
standardized test. Photo: Getty Images

Support for every major reform proposal is high

Jeb Bush, A Formidable Candidate For President

Opinion | Lanny Davis
Jeb Bush

On education reform and immigration, the former Florida governor is strong

Public schooling can't help but curb freedom

Opinion | Neal McCluskey
Students arrive for class at Mahnomen Elementary School in Mahnomen, Minnesota

Eventually districts have to make choices between student constituencies.

Politico attacks 'local advocacy groups,' 'black ministers' over school choice and creationism

Opinion | Casey Given
GED Changes.JPEG

Less than 1 percent of private schools in America teach creationism.

Uh oh: De Blasio's war on charter schools begins

Education | Robby Soave
Liberal Democrat Bill de Blasio hugs his wife and children during his election victory party at the Park Slope Armory in New York

School choice is ‘abhorrent,’ according to de Blasio

Children are at the forefront of civil rights fights, including school choice

Opinion | Kevin Chavous
Georgia charter schools

Today, as in Birmingham in the ’60s, the young are leading the way

Could Common Core kill school choice?

Opinion | Casey Given
Common Core The Critics.JPEG

The Department of Education will be able to set standards for all America’s schools, including charters

DOJ's Louisiana voucher challenge could segregate schools further

Opinion | Casey Given
Attorney General Eric Holder in front of a DOJ seal. Getty Images.

Eric Holder’s Justice Department tries to keep minority students in failing schools

Leftist lawsuit says helping poor kids escape failing public schools is unconstitutional

Education | Eric Owens
school choice now. Photo: Getty Images

‘Vouchers for private schools are an affront’ (and may cause terrorism)

GOP wins one for blue-collar parents in Louisiana

| Neil Munro
Health Overhaul Problems.JPEG

‘This is a huge victory… [but] the fight isn’t over,’ says Rep. Eric Cantor

The Southern Education Foundation's bogus school lunch study

Opinion | Vicki Alger
GED Changes.JPEG

Its numbers don’t track even close to federal census data on poverty