All States Should Emulate Nevada's Universal School Choice Plan

Opinion | Lance Izumi

Many of the public schools in this country that serve middle-class students are not as good as people think they are.

President Obama's Budget Shows He's An Enemy Of School Choice

Opinion | Rachel Campos-Duffy
Email announcing an opening in a charter school for Heather Davis-Jones' daughter Shakia is pictured at their residence in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The president and other liberal technocrats fight to keep the education monopoly in place.

Education Savings Accounts Give Parents And Students Choice In Education Decisions

Opinion | Jonathan Butcher
classroom Getty Images

“School choice” can be more than simply choosing a school for a child.

Republicans Back School Choice In Capitol Hill Rally

Education | Nick Givas

Only one Democrat lawmaker in attendance

Florida Unions Still Don't Like School Choice, But EVERYONE ELSE Does

Education | Nick Givas

‘The state is considered a school choice pioneer’

Celebrate School Choice Week Because All Children Are Different

Opinion | Andrew Campanella

The dangers of the “knowledge gap”

Kasich Vows To Get Tough On Charters

Education | Blake Neff

State has paid over a billion dollars to failed schools

Advocates: Ohio Charters In Need Of Major Reform

Education | Blake Neff
classroom Getty Images

Lawmakers ‘haven’t been able to rein in low-performing sponsors and schools’

The Facts About School Choice

Opinion | Erik Telford

Charter schools as a whole are improving at a faster rate than traditional public schools.

How The Free Market Can Save American Education

Opinion | Justin Haskins

Not just in governance models, but in the classroom

Midterms Great For School Choice, Bad For Common Core

Education | Blake Neff

‘Republicans are going to flex their muscle’

School Choice Is Making Stunning Gains, Vote To Encourage Them

Opinion | Ashley Bateman

The Christo Rey Network has a 100 percent record of college acceptance for graduates.

The Frum Tax: How Religious Americans Pay Extra For Public Schools

Opinion | David Benkof

What Ramapo got right

Pennsylvania Town May Make All Schools For-Profit

Education | Blake Neff

Schools are broke and among the state’s worst

A Bold Plan To Accelerate Education Reform

Opinion | Ed Gillespie

School choice is flourishing; we should encourage it by devolving funding and control to the states.

Florida Teachers Union Clouds Prospects For Special Needs Students

Opinion | Jared Blanchard

They’re trying to strike down an innovative new program for developmentally challenged kids

Driverless Cars Will Make School Choice Easier

Opinion | Matthew La Corte

Transportation is a key barrier to sending kids to better-performing schools.

Activists Target Florida School Choice Program

Education | Blake Neff

Jeb Bush: ‘Latest attack on parental choice by an entrenched education establishment’

New Hampshire Court Upholds School Choice Law

Education | Blake Neff

Students can use tax credits toward private, religious schools

To Combat Youth Unemployment, Start With School Choice

Opinion | Robert Enlow

As Milton Friedman’s birthday is celebrated this week, let’s remember one of his best ideas.