school lunch

Federally Funded School Lunch Program Backed By Shoddy Science

Daily Caller News Foundation | Andrew Kerr
'All-Star Apples'

Vegan Lobbyists File Lawsuits To Ban A Bunch Of Delicious Meat From School Lunches

Education | Eric Owens
'Everybody knows we shouldn't be serving this stuff to children'

JUSTICE: High School Senior No Longer Suspended For BUYING EXTRA CHICKEN NUGGET

Education | Eric Owens
'How is it theft if he paid for it?' mad mom asks as her son is labeled 'a nugget bandit'

Is Congress Finally About To Bring Michelle Obama's AWFUL School Lunch Rules To An End?

Education | Eric Owens
First lady promised to fight 'until the bitter end'

Principal Made First Grader Eat Lunch Alone Behind CARDBOARD Because He Was ONE MINUTE TARDY

Education | Eric Owens
Furious Facebook grandma unleashes social media hell on school district

Michelle Obama 'Confident' Kids Will 'Eventually' Be Brainwashed Into Liking Crappy School Lunches

Education | Eric Owens
'This will be their norm; they won't know anything different'

America's Lunch Ladies Call For An End To Michelle Obama's School Lunch Tyranny

Education | Eric Owens
'1.4 million fewer children choose school lunch each day'

Daily Caller Patriot: Doctor Dad SLAPS DOWN Busybody Teacher Over Daughter's Sack Lunch

Education | Eric Owens
'I have the ultimate responsibility to raise my children'

The School Lunches Michelle Obama's Kids Eat Vs. INSECT-FILLED CRAP In Pennsylvania

Education | Eric Owens
Panzanella salad, ratatouille, all-natural winter chicken stew...

COMPARE: The School Lunches Malia And Sasha Eat Vs. Michelle Obama's Mandated Lunches

Education | Eric Owens
What tastes better? The Daily Caller investigates

This Student's Photo Of Her Meager School Lunch Has The Internet Up In Arms

Education | Eric Owens
Some sad lunch meat, some cauliflower, a slice of cheese and crackers

Below The Belt? Fox News Doc Calls Michelle Obama Too Fat To Preach About Nutrition

Politics | Eric Owens
'You did not say that'

The First Parent Of The United States

Opinion | Daren Bakst
What really bothers Michelle Obama is that schools are rejecting her costly lunch program.

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