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The Legend of Colin Kelly

The vestiges of American heroism and sacrifice exist all around us, even on lonely street signs in the middle of a city.

Pelosi's ethics failure

Four years after Nancy Pelosi became speaker, the swamp has yet to be drained.

Earmark moratorium is the right move

An earmark moratorium would be largely symbolic, but it would help distinguish fiscally responsible Republicans from big spending Democrats.

Pelosi, Obama, and the politics of delusion

Unmoved by the obvious sentiment conveyed by the American people last Tuesday, Democrats choose to continue pursuing the politics of delusion.

Homegrown terror: Revisiting the path to domestic radicalization

The four steps on the road to radicalization.

If pot is legalized, government will distort the market for it

Proponents of legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana have too much faith in the power of government to alleviate social ills.

Evolving terror threat requires evolving countermeasures

Homegrown terrorism is an increasing threat. We need to adapt our counter-terrorism strategies accordingly.

Quds Day protests foreshadow difficult Mideast peace process

Iran’s provocative Quds Day protests are a reminder of the threat that a nuclear Iran would pose.

Absence of integrity characterized the Journolist scandal

Surprising, however, was the extent to which acrimony toward conservatives and outright enthusiasm for liberals distinguished the online correspondence to which many participants within the discussion group known as Journolist engaged

A retrospective on the Cambridge police incident and Obama's response: One year later

Throughout the past year much has made over how the event in Cambridge bespoke of inequitable policing practices in America

Obama and the politicization of a moral panic

In his address from the oval office on Tuesday, President Obama used his pulpit not to assuage the concerns of those suffering in the Gulf region but instead to take advantage of the situation and make the case for his own policy agenda

North Korea and the nuclear trump card

Kim can wield this leverage over his more powerful neighbors simply because they fear the repercussions of provocation more than they fear the underlying acts of aggression itself

Calderon’s misguided criticisms

Rather than using his visit to Washington as a forum for criticizing his host country, President Calderon would have been better served emphasizing his understanding of the frustrations consuming the American people

The consequences of diplomacy

While diplomatic unity and a cohesive, global approach toward the Iranian nuclear threat are desirable they should not supplant the very real and tangible safety net offered by a comprehensive missile defense system

Protect America month a call for vigilance

No longer can lofty rhetoric and diplomatic ideals alone address the dangers facing America. Vigilance and a firm commitment to the principles of peace through strength will remain the cost of security

A new advocate for America’s foundational principles

The consequential and timely ascendance of Heritage Action for America will prove a defining moment in the transformation of America’s political landscape

Recent shift in nuclear policy not a means to an end

In this time of regional instability, the president should embrace missile defense and in so doing send a firm message to rogue nations in pursuit of destabilizing nuclear policies

How do we respond to Mexico’s drug war?

The recent murder of a United States consular employee and her husband has cast a disturbing pall upon the devastating nature of Mexico’s increasingly internecine warfare against the drug cartels operating within its borders

The financial impact of crime

One of the less obvious effects that crime has on society is the tremendous financial burden it places on both individuals and government. Efforts to more accurately quantify the specific financial costs associated to crime have produced a variety of results; however, one common theme resonates. Both the tangible and intangible costs of crime are placing a severe encumbrance on society and misappropriating significant resources that could otherwise be directed toward more productive endeavors.