Former Rep. Tancredo has no intention of quitting Colo. governor's race - The Hill

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On Wednesday, Colorado’s GOP Chair Dick Wadhams took aim at Tancredo, saying the race is “unwinnable” with him in it

Maes beats McInnis, to face Hickenlooper, Tancredo - Denver Post

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Maes, a near unknown, implored former GOP Congressman Tom Tancredo, who is planning to run as a third-party candidate, to drop out of the race

Down to the wire in Colorado - Politico

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With a many voters casting mail-in ballots, last-minute attacks or developments may not pack the expected punch

Colorado's 3-ring political circus - AP

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Anti-establishment defiance is bubbling up from every corner

New Newsweek owner's partisan connections raise concern - TheDC

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New owner Sidney Harman, husband of California Democrat Rep. Jane Harman, has long financially supported Democratic candidates

The GOP dukes it out in Colorado

Opinion | Aaron Guerrero

And much like the state’s geographical terrain, the GOP primaries for both governor and senate are concluding in a rocky fashion, with divisive intra-party battles and scandals potentially hampering a statewide party resurgence

Tom Tancredo serious about running for governor of Colorado - TheDC

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The former GOP congressman known for his strong conservative views is threatening to run as a third-party candidate if the two Republican contenders do not abide by his ultimatum

Tom Tancredo threatens to jump into CO gov race - Denver Post

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Tancredo’s entry as an American Constitution Party candidate likely would create a GOP implosion, splitting the vote in the general election

Plagiarism scandal rocks GOP hopeful in Colorado - Washington Times

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Scott McInnis, a former congressman, stands accused of copying the work of others in portions of a 1994 column and a 1995 speech

Incoming chairman's long history of outbursts - The Daily Caller

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Democratic California Rep. Pete Stark will take over the gavel on the House Ways and Means Committee from Rep. Charles Rangel