Google introduces new 'Hummingbird' search algorithm

US | Reuters

To better cope with the longer, more complex queries it has been getting from Web users.

You witnessed the day our freedom died - GOAL

Gun Laws & Legislation | Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts

“Manhunt or a justification of the militarization of our civilian police force?”

Google and antitrust nayers deliver usual responses to FTC and EU Commission

Opinion | Mark Corallo
Google Search

The antitrust regime has been developed to judge the facts and protect consumers who may not even know that a monopoly is harming them.

Yahoo seeks to shake up search, Web browsing - AP

Business | admin

All the major search engines are adopting new formats intended to make it easier for users to find information without clicking through to page after page.

Google updates U.S. search - Reuters

Tech | Josh Peterson
Earns Google

The offering is the latest example of search companies moving away from offering a list of text-based links as search results.

Facebook to beef up internal search - Bloomberg Businessweek

Tech | Josh Peterson

Searching the social network could get a lot better in the near future.