Syria reportedly stonewalling IAEA - AP

World | admin

Damascus has reneged on its promise to cooperate with U.N. probe into Syria’s nuclear activities

The Routinization of Humanitarian War

| Mickey Kaus

The Routinization of Humanitarian War

The Obama team at the UN is weak

Editorial | Richard Grenell

U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice has been on the job for 18 months now, but she doesn’t have much to show for it. Her record of accomplishments and performance on behalf of the American people is embarrassing

Immigration reform will not happen this year

Opinion | Eben Carle

We are a nation of immigrants. For the better part of our history, the collective message to those immigrating was “you are joining the most successful endeavor in human history. Celebrate why you came here, not where you came from.”

The last cold warrior

Opinion | Eben Carle

The Cold War was a propaganda campaign, and propaganda invokes the soul of marketing executives more than four-star generals. Its combatants surrender to the truest song. By the 1980s, the Soviet Union teetered at the brink and the world waited for a tipping-point. Then came the thermonuclear weapon of messaging: Michael Jackson

How’d we lose Brazil, Turkey and Lebanon?

Opinion | Richard Grenell

Allies like Turkey, Brazil and Lebanon now find it easy to ignore Obama. It isn’t popular to say, but the world needs a strong America

Putin says Russia will freeze missile sales to Iran - Reuters

World | interns

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has told France that Moscow will freeze a delivery of S-300 missiles to Iran

A great moment for expectations

Opinion | Eben Carle

Last Tuesday, on a relatively cool night in Washington, a 21-year-old kid took the mound in Southeast DC and accomplished something that this town had not seen for a very long time: he delivered on hype

Bush’s Katrina wasn’t Bush’s “Katrina”

Opinion | Rory Cooper

And Obama’s Oil Spill is simply Obama’s Oil Spill

At war with competence in the Gulf

Opinion | Eben Carle

At the moment, while BP works to plug their leak, Washington should focus exclusively on coordinating containment and cleanup

Wayward policy toward Turkey a benefit to Iran

Energy | Tülin Daloglu

It would be a grave mistake for the UN Security Council to further separate countries like Turkey and Brazil from the heavyweights of the Western world, and give them the message that they have no say in global peace and security. Iranians will surely celebrate such side benefits

Pour one out for the WASP

Opinion | Eben Carle

The influx of recent stories about the death of the white Anglo-Saxon Protestant are indeed accurate: you don’t see a lot of WASPs in Washington anymore. There are, however, plenty of other sub-cultures to fill the curmudgeonly void

Iran could buy nuke program time with uranium deal - AP

World | AJ

Country agrees to ship most of its enriched uranium to Turkey in a nuclear fuel swap deal that could ease the international standoff over nuclear program

The virtues of partisanship

Opinion | Eben Carle

Tenuous moments in history cultivate an appetite for extremes. And civilizations that look to the bottom for entertainment often, without irony, reserve the heights of life for nation building. We have returned to such times

Administration must sharpen message on Burma

Opinion | Kelley Currie

The U.S. interest lies in supporting the Burmese people in their clearly stated aspirations for a more just, democratic government. The policy question remains: how to best support those aspirations?

Another ‘never again’ moment

op-ed | Eben Carle

If government insists upon regulating everything except itself, then those energies should be directed at a rather loud and rude killer: cell phones

Ford leaves drama in its dust

Editorial | Eben Carle

Ford refused taxpayer money at a time when every wayward corporation had its hand out, choosing instead to take their destiny into their own hands. As a result, they emerged stronger. This is a lesson Washington should learn in preparing for the midterm elections

The unelected government

Editorial | Eben Carle

The irony of our present democracy is that the rules that govern it are written by people who never asked for your vote

The Incumbent Bailout Act of 2010

Opinion | Eben Carle

If there is a third certainty in this life, beyond the proverbial death and taxes, it is that exiting a self-created crisis is expensive