Abandoning the space race

Opinion | Eben Carle

This administration’s budget has cancelled the shuttle program—ending human space flight—while also killing the shuttle’s much vaunted replacement: the Constellation Program

Parliament comes to America

Opinion | Eben Carle

The president isn’t a CEO. He isn’t a new age professor. And, with very good reason, the president has never taken on the airs of a prime minister. Our government evolved out of the many failures of the parliamentary system. Parliaments are relics of the 13th century, originally designed as a solution to the king as absolute ruler

An unstimulating year

Opinion | Eben Carle

For 20th century Americans, the road trip was an essential right of passage. In the priceless years before cell phones, the road trip meant spending unreachable hours out on the open highway, pointing your headlights west and chasing a sunset at 60 mph. It allowed young Americans to learn about themselves and the country they were destined to inherit. Nothing quite summoned the spirit of the pioneers like getting behind the wheel of a Buick Electra and tracing their footsteps through the golden cornfields of Nebraska and on into the embrace of the Rocky Mountains.

Google diplomacy on Planet America

Opinion | Eben Carle

We give too much attention to a rehearsed world, one in which newsworthy events amount to little more than staged press conferences. Yet every now and then it happens: Someone pushes through the crowd and demands an explanation. When it happens, it’s priceless. The best within us resides upon those unscripted moments.

Defiant Iran accelerates nuclear program - AP

Energy | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Iran began enriching uranium to a higher level on Tuesday over the vociferous objections of the U.S. and its allies who fear the process could eventually be used to give the Islamic republic nuclear weapons

The Age of Obama: Anno Domini 2

| admin

In the real world, as opposed to what French President Nicolas Sarkozy calls President Barack Obama’s "virtual world," America faces the reality of Iran’s intransigence and aggressiveness; China’s headlong pursuit of its own national, regional, and global interests; Russia’s determination to regain its Near Abroad;