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Bugout bag boomers

bug out boomers

Proper iron for when you have to hit the road!

Cover as a tactical advantage in a gunfight


What to consider before and during the shooting

The shooting stopped, now what do I do?

holster shooting channel

Practice this method to stay in the fight

Why we need “Stand Your Ground” laws

Concealed Carry Illinois.JPEG

Stand your ground: Would you prefer “duty to retreat” laws?

Defensive Carry: What to shoot, where to shoot, what works in the real world


Get ready to argue these results

Massad Ayoob: Police ammo for the rest of us?

Ammo for cops

Mass’s advice on using the same ammo as local cops in your carry gun

Do you make these 3 firearms training mistakes?

The good trigger and sights allow real accuracy with these guns. I made no adjustment to get this well centered up group. Ten shots Ten yards Standing, Two magazines.

Become a better shot right away

Winning in low-light confrontations


The man who wrote the book on the subject weighs in

Police charge man on crutches with misdemeanor for shooting an intruder to protect his daughter

A customer looks over a Glock 29 10mm hand gun at the Guns-R-Us gun shop in Phoenix, Arizona

Surviving suspects reportedly fled the scene, shouting gang slogans

A stalking victim who survived a deadly encounter gives her advice

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There are no second chances

Massad Ayoob: Shark Week

Great white shark biting

Lawyers that will prosecute you after a fair defensive shooting are the sharks

Colion Noir: Martin Luther King Jr. and the realities of self-defense


The first form of gun control was directed at Blacks

The Five “A’s” of Self-Defense

Image from Galco Gunleather

First A – Accept that you may be attacked, here is how to prepare for it

4 Concealed carry compromises to avoid

4 concealed carry mistakes

Personal safety is a serious, no-compromise responsibility

Tactical: The advantages of strobing flashlights - The Shooting Channel

Shooting Channel - strobe lights

Great article on use of strobe lights with your firearm for self-defense

Gun owner shoots, kills 2 armed robbers after they raise their weapons


The two men were loaded up with lottery tickets, cigarettes and cash

Training to shoot on the move - American Rifleman

Georgia School Shooting.JPEG

Standing still is not good advice in a hot situation

NRA President James Porter on the job of police: No duty to protect - NRA

Schools Closed-Homicide.JPEG

If you think it’s the job of the police to protect you, think again

Massad Ayoob: Fist vs. Gun – Disparity of force and the law - American Handgunner

Motorcycle Club Gunfight.JPEG

Mass breaks down a very important real self-defense legal situation you could face

Opinion: Anti-gunners banning guns for the “Right to feel safe” - NRA News


In matters of life or death your feelings have no place in the debate