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Why The Man Of The House Should Be Armed


‘What I’m saying is the man has the primary responsibility for the family’s safety’

NC Sheriff On Concealed Carry: 'You Better Be Able To Take Care Of Business'

A display of 7-round .45 caliber handguns are seen at Coliseum Gun Traders Ltd. in Uniondale, New York

‘I don’t go anywhere without a gun’

9 Steps To Live Through Sudden Attacks


Personal defense is your responsibility – fight back!

Armed Man Did What He Had To Do To Protect Elderly Mother

A display of 7-round .45 caliber handguns are seen at Coliseum Gun Traders Ltd. in Uniondale, New York

‘I’m the son who did what had to be done’

Doctor Who Shot Hospital Gunman 'Saved Lives'

A police officer guards the scene of a shooting at the Mercy-Fitzgerald Hospital in Darby

‘Without a doubt’

Meet The Ultimate Self-Defense Weapon: Camera, Automated 911, Pepper Spray

Screenshot 2014-07-23 10.52.25(2)

Feeling nervous? Try the ‘Defender’

'Not Here': 63 Year-Old Woman Shoots Intruder

‘No they are not going to walk up in here’

Guess What Detroit's Police Chief Credits For Crime Decline

Latest Detroit Bankruptcy Hearing Reveals New Plans For Creditors

‘There’s no question in my mind it has had an effect’

Bad Ass Nurse Shoots Carjacker, Breaks Up Criminal Ring

Thanks to her concealed carry permit

Veteran With Concealed Carry Permit Shoots Back At Chicago Gunman

Vet wards off angry shooter

Wheelchair-Bound Man Shoots And Kills Home Invader


Gun comes in handy

911 Call Sent To Voicemail During Violent Home Invasion


Call 911 and get a message instructing you to call 911

Concealed Carrier Shoots Cop Killer In Georgia


Cops brother was carrying a concealed weapon and on the scene

Two Men Use Girl As Human Shield -- Until Her Father Guns Them Down


Don’t mess with a man’s daughter

Feminists Ignore The Practical Solution To Violence: Self Defense

(Photo: Rebecca Cook/Reuters)

‘Since when does empowering women involve stripping them of practically every means possible to protect themselves’

Cut Psycho-Maniac Shootings By Half

Navy Yard Shooting.JPEG

We need to do “something”

Personal Protection: Developing A Divergent Mindset


Police officer Sara Ahrens gives advice that will keep you alive

Bugout bag boomers

bug out boomers

Proper iron for when you have to hit the road!

Cover as a tactical advantage in a gunfight


What to consider before and during the shooting