senate judiciary committee

Trump's Supreme Court Pick Will Likely Be In Place In Time For The New Term

Politics | Kevin Daley
White House plans for swift confirmation

OPINION: The Senate Judiciary Hearing Was Wrong About Job-Creating EB-5 Visas

Opinion | Brian Garst
'Provides permanent resident status for foreign investors who create jobs and invest billions in the American economy'

This Lame Duck GOP Senator's Excuse For Blocking Trump Judges Will Set Your Hair On Fire

Politics | Kevin Daley
No really, you'll be absolutely shocked

Grassley Wants To Pull Out All The Stops To Confirm Trump's Judges

Politics | Kevin Daley
Judiciary chair wants Senate to work through August recess on confirmations

Gina Haspel Has The Most Insane CIA Resume Of All Time

Politics | Anders Hagstrom
Just wow

Here's A Delightful Mashup Of All The Times Mark Zuckerberg Couldn't Answer Senators' Questions

Tech | Amber Athey
'I can certainly have my team get back to you'

Zuckerberg Is Also Testifying Before The Senate While He's In Town

Politics | Eric Lieberman
'Facebook's role in our democracy'

Senate Ditches Town As Three Dozen Trump Nominees Wait For Final Vote

Politics | Kevin Daley
And there are almost 150 vacancies

SHOTS FIRED: Chuck Grassley Kicked Off Parkland Hearing By Ripping Broward Co. Sheriff A New One

Politics | Christian Datoc
'I've seen that sheriff all over television...'

That Sound You Just Heard Was Trump's Judicial Confirmation Machine

Politics | Kevin Daley
It's on full blast

Trump Just Named His Tenth -- TENTH -- Wave Of Judicial Nominees

Politics | Kevin Daley
Choooo, choooooo

Congress Is Hurtling Towards A Shutdown, But The Judicial Confirmation Machine Is Still Humming

Politics | Kevin Daley
This is a record-setting pace

For The First Time, Congress Has Read Obama DOJ and FBI Docs on Fusion GPS, Steele And The Trump Dossier

Investigative Group | Richard Pollock

Trump Judicial Nominee Out After A Disastrous Confirmation Hearing

Politics | Kevin Daley
'Just because you’ve seen ‘My Cousin Vinny’...'

Franken Accused Of Sexual Assault One Day After Lecturing Judicial Nominees About Respect

Politics | Kevin Daley
'I think it was meant to deride a young woman'

Judge Grilled Over Past Tweets At Judicial Confirmation Hearing

Politics | Kevin Daley
Democrats grill Texas Tweeter Laureate

Report: FBI Signals Planned Parenthood Probe Is On

US | Rachel Stoltzfoos
'Do people do stuff with eyeballs?'

Trump May Expel Special Interest From Judicial Confirmation Process

Politics | Kevin Daley
White House may end cooperation with ABA.

Google And Facebook Have Donated Thousands To Congressmen They Are Testifying Before

Politics | Eric Lieberman
'Attacks against core American values'

Confirmation Bonanza: McConnell Preps Four Essential Judicial Confirmations

Politics | Kevin Daley
SCOTUS contender among nominees headed for confirmation

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