senate judiciary committee

Grassley Wants To Pull Out All The Stops To Confirm Trump's Judges

Politics | Kevin Daley
Judiciary chair wants Senate to work through August recess on confirmations

Gina Haspel Has The Most Insane CIA Resume Of All Time

Politics | Anders Hagstrom
Just wow

Here's A Delightful Mashup Of All The Times Mark Zuckerberg Couldn't Answer Senators' Questions

Tech | Amber Athey
'I can certainly have my team get back to you'

Zuckerberg Is Also Testifying Before The Senate While He's In Town

Politics | Eric Lieberman
'Facebook's role in our democracy'

Senate Ditches Town As Three Dozen Trump Nominees Wait For Final Vote

Politics | Kevin Daley
And there are almost 150 vacancies

SHOTS FIRED: Chuck Grassley Kicked Off Parkland Hearing By Ripping Broward Co. Sheriff A New One

Politics | Christian Datoc
'I've seen that sheriff all over television...'

That Sound You Just Heard Was Trump's Judicial Confirmation Machine

Politics | Kevin Daley
It's on full blast

Trump Just Named His Tenth -- TENTH -- Wave Of Judicial Nominees

Politics | Kevin Daley
Choooo, choooooo

Congress Is Hurtling Towards A Shutdown, But The Judicial Confirmation Machine Is Still Humming

Politics | Kevin Daley
This is a record-setting pace

For The First Time, Congress Has Read Obama DOJ and FBI Docs on Fusion GPS, Steele And The Trump Dossier

Investigative Group | Richard Pollock

Trump Judicial Nominee Out After A Disastrous Confirmation Hearing

Politics | Kevin Daley
'Just because you’ve seen ‘My Cousin Vinny’...'

Franken Accused Of Sexual Assault One Day After Lecturing Judicial Nominees About Respect

Politics | Kevin Daley
'I think it was meant to deride a young woman'

Judge Grilled Over Past Tweets At Judicial Confirmation Hearing

Politics | Kevin Daley
Democrats grill Texas Tweeter Laureate

Report: FBI Signals Planned Parenthood Probe Is On

US | Rachel Stoltzfoos
'Do people do stuff with eyeballs?'

Trump May Expel Special Interest From Judicial Confirmation Process

Politics | Kevin Daley
White House may end cooperation with ABA.

Google And Facebook Have Donated Thousands To Congressmen They Are Testifying Before

Politics | Eric Lieberman
'Attacks against core American values'

Confirmation Bonanza: McConnell Preps Four Essential Judicial Confirmations

Politics | Kevin Daley
SCOTUS contender among nominees headed for confirmation

When Will McConnell Schedule A Vote For These Judicial Nominees?

Politics | Kevin Daley
They've been waiting for weeks

The 'Trump Dossier' Could Have 'Staggering' Implications For The Obama DOJ -- The Full Story

Investigative Group | Richard Pollock
'Staggering in terms of its implications'

Sessions Admits The Wall Won't Run Full Length Of The Border

Politics | Kevin Daley
No clue how long actual wall will be

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