NSA declassifies documents on domestic phone surveillance, essentially confirms what everyone knew

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(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)

Heavily-redacted docs shed no new light on domestic surveillance programs

How Obama nixed anti-NSA hearing

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Critics of domestic surveillance program booted into the middle of next month, or the month after

Preview: The Senate's Wednesday NSA hearing

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NSA Surveillance Congress.JPEG

Both sides represented

Judge says companies never protested NSA surveillance

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Earns Verizon

‘To date, no recipient of a production order has opted to invoke this section of the statute’

James Comey calls leaks a 'critical element of a functioning democracy'

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James Comey

Nominee to run FBI also condemns waterboarding

Hatch reaches immigration amendment deal with Schumer

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‘[The bill] won’t be going anywhere without these amendments, because you’re not going to get any Republicans’

Senate shapes immigration bill around Boston bombings

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Boston Marathon Explosions

Claiming asylum means staying out

Feds may have to tell you when they are spying on you

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Attorney General Eric Holder in front of a DOJ seal. Getty Images.

Bipartisan email privacy update passes Senate committee

Senate Democrats advance Feinstein's gun control bill

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Dianne Feinstein

Democrats take the next step to ban millions of legally owned firearms

Judiciary Committees want administration's legal justification for drone killings

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Drones Privacy Poll

Killing US citizens ‘raises significant constitutional and legal concerns’

Senate Judiciary Committee to focus on gun violence, immigration reform and privacy - TheDC

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Patrick Leahy Privacy

‘As President Obama has made clear, no single step can end this kind of violence’