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Coburn, GAO: Sequester Resulted In Exactly One Layoff

Senators Johnson, Coburn, Baucus and Manchin walk out of Senate chamber after budget vote on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘The facts seem to say the experts underestimated sequestration’s impact by between 99,999 and 1,599,999 jobs’

Sequester, we hardly knew ye

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‘The new Congressional budget is a mistake at a time when we can’t afford many more mistakes.’

Congress betrays us with budget 'deal'

Budget Battle.JPEG

Budget deal destroys the best practical opportunity to cut spending in a generation

NORQUIST: The winner in the budget fight isn't who you think

Budget Battle Ryan.JPEG

The sequester remains, and it can only be loosened in exchange for entitlement reform.

Congressman Paul Ryan: 'Obamacare not workable'

U.S. Representative Ryan and fellow House Republicans are greeted by reporters as they depart a closed-door caucus meeting in Washington

He says the glitches are here to stay.

Government spending and regime uncertainty

The sun shines on the U.S. Capitol dome on the first day the federal government has re-opened following a 16-day shutdown at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

It’s not sequestration the markets are worried about — it’s property rights

Budget deal BLOWS THROUGH the mandated sequester spending caps

Budget Battle Mitch McConnell

Now the government can spend at least $19 billion more

Don't rush to a debt ceiling deal

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cc Mitch McConnell, John Boehner

Cutting government is not scary

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In fact, the American people are warming up to it.

The Pentagon is spending taxpayer dollars on what?

Singapore Asia Security Meeting Hagel.JPEG

Chuck Hagel’s sequestration warnings would be more believable if he tried harder to cut Pentagon pork

Head Start teachers name Obamacare as biggest problem


At posh confab, program administrators say health care law is a bigger impact than sequestration

Unemployment remains high among young Americans - TheDCNF

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‘Half of all graduating seniors aren’t going to find meaningful work in the coming months. And it isn’t like politicians care’

House passes bill to end air travel delays, White House expected to sign

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Bill would stop air traffic controller furloughs and stop major air travel delays

Park Service posts 'Due to Sequestration' signs at closed camp


Congressman ask Interior for answers on signs that point up inconvenience for campground visitors

Moran, Blumenthal: Delay furlough of air traffic controllers

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Senators say layoffs should be postponed after Boston Marathon bombings underscored security concerns

RNC chairman, citing sequestration, asks Obama to ditch fancy meal for pizza


‘I’d like to offer to order pizza for them and have it delivered to the White House’

No tobacco, food or beverages on White House grounds

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt smoking his famous cigarette.

Gardens and grounds will be open this weekend to the public

First Couple hosts celeb-filled concert amid sequestration


Despite canceled WH tours and long airport lines, Obamas host swanky gala for stars

Coburn: Fire federal employees who are 'paid to do nothing'

Tom Coburn

OK GOPer says we should fire no-show employees before food inspectors are furloughed

Report: Obama administration mishandled CO2 sequestration funds - TheDCNF


The 2009 stimulus package allocated $90 billion for green-energy programs