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McClintock: GOP winning sequestration debate, but losing spending fight

Tom McClintock

Continuing resolution deferred Republicans’ ability to make serious spending reductions

Citing sequestration, White House cancels tours

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama observe a moment of silence with White House staff to mark the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks September 11, 2012 at the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC.

‘We very much regret having to take this action’

Jay Carney retaliates after George Will says he can't take him seriously [VIDEO]

Will made the remark in question on Laura Ingraham’s radio show on Friday

Ann Romney 'happy to blame the media' for husband's defeat [VIDEO]

Says her husband would be an asset to the country right now

Jindal, Walker, Haley slam Obama, Republican Congress for no sequester deal - TheDC

Govs. Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker in May 2012. Darren Hauck/Getty Images.

Haley: ‘There is a complete lack of leadership or responnsiblity or accountability in this town’

Boehner pessimistic on replacing sequester: ‘Hope springs eternal’


He called on President Obama to meet with Senate Democrats

CNBC's Bartiromo: Sequestration not a big deal to economy, Wall Street investors [VIDEO]

The ‘Closing Bell’ host said she personally views the massive cuts as a potential threat to national security

Woodward: Obama repeatedly lied about responsibility for budget sequester trigger

Barack Obama

‘There was an insistence on the part of Republicans in Congress for there to be some automatic trigger’

Brooks: GOP 'likely loser' in sequestration, public reaction will lead party to cave [VIDEO]

NY Times columnist says Republicans making a mistake focusing on discretionary spending

Limbaugh: 'For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my country' [AUDIO]

Conservative talker laments media and White House getting ‘worked up over $44 billion’ in cuts

Sequestration is still better than the alternatives

A smarter strategy, and new capabilities to deal with new challenges, would allow for less Pentagon spending.

Norquist hits Obama for sequester delay, tax increase plans

Grover Norquist

Ant-tax activist blasts president as too often ‘voting present’ instead of ‘being part of the solution’

Obama to call for taxes to avert March sequester

Barack Obama

President’s new proposal comes one day after he missed the legal deadline for submitting a 2014 budget request

Hagel on sequester in 2011: 'The Pentagon needs to be pared down' - TheDC

Chuck Hagel gestures during a speech. AP.

SecDef nominee: There’s a ‘tremendous amount of bloat in the Pentagon,’ has to be ‘scaled back’

Sequestration threat hangs over Hawaii military base where Obama landed for vacation

Obama Checks Watch

President cannot escape reminders of pending fiscal cliff

Pelosi says she proposed a millionaire tax this year to 'smoke out' Republicans - TheDC

Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Photo: Alex Wong, Getty Images.

Dems pulling back from May plan now that GOP is proposing it

Before 'Plan B' tax bill, Boehner said similar proposal would 'kill jobs' - TheDC

Fiscal Cliff John Boehner

GOP fought Democrats’ similar proposal, which Dems now reject, in May

Purged conservative reps: Boehner planning to 'run over' conservatives, vote for tax hike - TheDC

Justin Amash

Cons removed from committees say opposition to tax hikes behind ‘petty,’ ‘vindictive’ demotions

Obama insists sequestration not his fault, will never come to pass [VIDEO] - TheDC

‘The sequester is not something that I proposed. … It will not happen’

Republicans and Democrats should be governing, not taking a two-month break

Our elected officials are taking the next couple of months off.