sergei lavrov

Kim Jong Un Wins Invitation To Moscow As North Korea Sheds Its Diplomatic Isolation

World | Ryan Pickrell
Possibly weakening Trump's maximum pressure campaign

Flashback: That Time Hillary Gave Russia A Button That Said 'Over-Charged'

Politics | Jack Crowe
'We want to reset our relationship'

President Trump Thinks The Russians Are Laughing At The US

Politics | Kaitlan Collins
'A lame excuse...'

Trump Defends Revealing Sensitive Information To Russian Officials

Politics | Kaitlan Collins
Here's why he says he told them

Trump Can Declassify Intelligence As President, But Giving It To The Russians Is A First

National Security | Russ Read
'It's never done to U.S. adversaries'

Only Named Source In WaPo Report On Trump's Leaking Of Classified Information Denies It

Politics | Ryan Pickrell
'At no time were any intelligence sources or methods discussed'

Lavrov Mocks Andrea Mitchell Question About Comey

Video | Saagar Enjeti
'You are kidding'

Andrea Mitchell Called This 'Colleague' A 'Brave Journalist' Right Before Throwing Her Under The Bus

Politics | Christian Datoc
'Perhaps I was a convenient foil, but...'

Reporter At The Kremlin Asked Tillerson If Russia Was 'Incompetent Or Complicit' In Gas Attack -- His Answer...

Politics | Christian Datoc
... with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov sitting right next to him

Russia's Foreign Minister Tells Reporter She Needs To Learn Some Manners

Politics | Christian Datoc
You need some aloe for that burn?

Putin Says He Won't Expel US Diplomats In Response To Sanctions

World | Jacob Bojesson
Won't take recommendation

DNC Email Hack Complicates Obama's Latest Plan For Syria

Defense | Ted Goodman
'We're not entering into a transaction that's founded on trust'

And Unlikely Peacemaker: Will The Pope Bring Resolution In The Caucasus?

Opinion | James J. Coyle
The United States and France need to be more actively involved to protect the West’s interests in the peace process.

Putin Orders Withdrawal Of Russian Forces From Syria

World | Russ Read
'Objectives that have been set for the Defense Ministry to be generally accomplished'

Obama Urges Russia To Stop Bombing Syrian Rebels

World | Russ Read
Hope for a ceasefire within a week

Russian Air Strikes To Continue In Syria Despite Ceasefire Announcement

World | Russ Read
Kerry claims 'cessation of hostilities'

Soros: Putin Is 'Flooding' Europe With Refugees To Disintegrate EU

World | Russ Read
Democrats 'painting a more favorable picture than reality justifies'

Russia Warns Syria Conflict Could Result In A 'New World War'

World | Russ Read
'Everybody is fighting against everybody'

Russia Argues That Its Only Obligation To Ukraine Is Not To Nuke It, Experts React Swiftly

World | Jonah Bennett
'I think the @RussianEmbassy needs to explain themselves over this one'

Russian Airstrikes Are Pummeling Syrian Rebel Groups So Hard That Obama's Peace Process Is Nearly Irrelevant

| Jonah Bennett
Assad isn't going anywhere, thanks to Russian airstrikes

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