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Colorado city allows sex offenders to live closer to schools and parks

A police line tape is seen at the site of the fatal stabbing of a Los Angeles Dodgers fan after he attended a baseball game in San Francisco
Local government feared ACLU suit

Mom finds sex offender hiding in her daughter's room, beats him up

Photo: KPRC screenshot

‘I hit him in the face three good times and he fell to the floor’

Louisiana law requires sex offenders to indicate their crime on social media sites - CNN

facebook creep tshirt

Sex offenders and child predators get outed online

NC sex offender gets prison for Facebook request - AP

AP Poll Teens Online Hacking.JPEG

Investigators say 36-year-old was sentenced to at least five and a half years in prison Thursday

NJ bill lets 'sexting' teens avoid charges - AP

New Jersey considers bill so ‘sexting’ teens would be able to avoid prosecution as sex offenders

Registered sex offenders finding jobs in schools - USA Today

According to a GAO report, registered sex offenders are getting jobs in schools despite state laws that prohibit them from contact with children

State Department issues passports to 4,500 sex offenders - The Hill

The State Department balked at the presentation of the study, released on Wednesday by the Governmental Accountability Office (GAO), saying that it was ‘misleading’

Neighborhood cameras: Snooping or safety? - News 13

One woman in Orlando is making it her mission to videotape where sex offenders live

Audit uncovers errors in sex offender registry - WPTZ

A new audit of Vermont’s sex offender internet registry found numerous errors on the site

Jeffrey Jones sent to the principal's office - E! Online

This notorious principal was arrested and charged with felony count after failure to update his registration as sex offender

NYC hired sex offenders as high school referees - NY Post

Various convicted criminals, including sex offenders, were hired by the city of New York to serve as referees during public high-school games

Mother recognizes Census worker as sex offender - The Philadelphia Inquirer

Sex offender Frank J. Kuni used an alias to get a job as a census worker, and later ended up on a family’s front step

Incest clouds NFL draftee status despite strong combine - Sports Fan Live

In May 2003, Washington was convicted of having sex with a relative that multiple NFL and college sources say was his 15-year old biological sister, now he hopes to be drafted into the NFL

Cops vow to put away teen's murderer - ABC News

Police comb area where Chelsea King’s body was found determined to gather every scrap of evidence against sex-offender they say killed her

Suspect arrested in the disappearance of Chelsea King - The Daily Caller

A registered sex offender was arrested Sunday night in relation to missing California teen Chelsea King