America's porn prof injures woman in car crash, wants to go to jail

Education | Robby Soave
Who? Jenna Jameson. Working Title: "Bustin' Out." Tagline: One girl's journey from scorn to porn and then back to scorn. Potential Cast: Scarlett Johansson as Jenna Jameson; Betty White as Jenna Jameson's lady parts.

‘Single-handedly redefining what rock bottom means’

See America's official hottest women in scandals

Politics | Patrick Howley

Sydney Leathers slipping in the polls

Sydney Leathers details Weiner's declarations of love, shoe fetish

Politics | Patrick Howley

The New York Democrat frequently requested photos of her heels

WeinerSpitzer: A new portmanteau for Webster's

Opinion | Rick Robinson

‘1. /noun/ an elected public official with no sense of remorse or shame. 2. /verb/ the unexplainable phenomenon of a disgraced former official rising in opinion polls’

Anthony Weiner wants interns to use 'social media to enhance our message'

Politics | Caroline May

Sexting former congressman turned NYC mayoral candidate cruised Internet for willing students

Meghan McCain slams Sanford despite penning 'Forgive Mark Sanford' column

Politics | Jeff Poor

Her father’s PAC also donated to his campaign

Larry Flynt will 'stand erect' to support Mark Sanford, the 'sex pioneer of our time'

Politics | Alexis Levinson

Hustler founder calls candidate ‘liar’ who exposed hypocrisy

The sexting 'Bible' exec producer may have been catfished

Entertainment | Sarah Hofmann

Sources have come forward to allege that there was never going to be a meetup because the escort did not exist

Leaked sexts that got 'The Bible' executive producer fired

Business | Sarah Hofmann

Scott Sassa lost his job after a jealous ‘boyfriend’ went to his boss

Fallout for women at center of Generals scandal [VIDEO] - AP

Politics | Associated Press

A U.S. official says the Army has suspended the security clearance of the woman

Ten salacious political sex scandals guaranteed to make David Petraeus feel better [SLIDESHOW]

Politics | Jill Gregorie

The general isn’t the only political figure whose eyes occasionally wandered from the computer screen

Cain accuser filed complaint against supervisors in her next job 3 years later - AP

Politics | InternAdmin

Accuser demanded thousands of dollars, a reinstatement of leave she used after a 2002 accident, promotion on the federal pay scale and a one-year fellowship to Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

Porn mogul crusades to expose GOP hypocrisy - TheDC

Politics | Betsi Fores

Larry Flynt announces $1 million reward for evidence of Rick Perry sex scandal

'Client 9' movie debunked

Opinion | Roger Stone

Call girl fingers Spitzer.

Scarborough: Gore sex scandal is just hot air - The Daily Caller

Politics | Alex Pappas

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough says it’s ‘pathetic’ that two separate unproven sex scandal allegations involving politicians are making news

Model lures Kremlin critics in KGB-style 'honey-trap' - NY Post

World | interns

At least eight prominent Kremlin critics have been caught in a hidden camera sex sting by a sultry young Moscow model

Froggy football embroiled in underage sex scandal - Daily Mail

Sports | interns

Three different members of France’s national soccer team are accused with sleeping with the same teenage call-girl who claims ‘I loved them all’

Tiger has a sixth sense - US MAGAZINE

Sports | interns

Tiger Woods doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with his new Nike ad, which features him staring solemnly into the camera while the voice of his dead dad, Earl Woods, questions him

Sport's most shameless sex scandals [SLIDESHOW] - Daily Caller

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Bishop resigns in midst of sex scandal - THE INDEPENDENT

World | interns

A second bishop was dramatically removed from the Catholic hierarchy in Ireland over child sex abuse scandals tonight, with another three senior clerics expected to face the same fall from grace