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Cameron Diaz's 'Sex Tape' Is Coming Out Soon. These Esquire Photos Will Have To Do For Now.

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Two words: Wet. T-shirt.

Rob Ford invited to make a sex tape?

World | Sarah Hofmann
Gross. Just gross

A real Alyssa Milano sex tape actually DOES exist

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
Or, rather, it did exist at one time

Alyssa Milano releases most informative sex tape ever

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
This is the sexiest Syria will ever be

18-year-old beauty queen steps down amid sex tape scandal, receives comfort on Twitter

Entertainment | Nicole Lafond
'If a good person does a bad thing, it does not make them bad'

Something to be thankful for: Emma Stone sex tape allegedly exists

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
Actress reportedly starred in home movie before she became famous

Hulk Hogan's real sex tape is not as good as Megan Fox's imaginary one

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
Sex tape starring the former pro wrestler leaked online

Alleged Megan Fox sex tape being shopped

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
Tape's authenticity is questionable, but it isn't unfathomable that Fox could have previously engaged in acts of a sexual nature

Minka Kelly stars in the latest celebrity sex tape scandal

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
Don't get too excited just yet: She may have been under 18 at the time the tape was made

Three cute, little old ladies react to Kim Kardashian's sex tape [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
'That's Greek. That's what the Greeks do'

Adele vows to sue over 'false' sex tape claims

Entertainment | taylorbigler
Rumor had it the Grammy-winning singer was caught in the act on tape

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