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The #ClyburnSexts Hashtag Just Might Make Your Friday

‘U want a tour of the lower chamber?’

Sources: Hillary Clinton Has Hush-Hush Deal With Huma Abedin To Keep Weiner Limp

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What? No sexting Carlos Danger on the campaign trail?

The Huffington Post investigates: What do college women call their vajayjays when sexting?

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Will the problems of privileged white women at fancy colleges never end?

English teacher who sexted a bunch of horny high schoolers broke no laws

KRDO screenshots

Kissing a kid outside the gym is totally fine, too

Bipartisan praise abounds for New Yorker's Weiner cover


‘Will Weiner still be in the race by the time it runs?’ founder: Weiner planned secret sex bunker

Weiner Mayor.JPEG

‘The guy has serious, serious issues’

A reading from the works of Anthony Weiner [NSFW]


‘I’m deeply flawed’

Bonerizing for America

Sydney Leathers. Twitpic

Report: ‘Syndey Leathers’ and ‘Carlos Danger’ had explicit relationship via text

Serial sexter Anthony Weiner is back with new set of explicit messages to another woman who is not his wife

Anthony Weiner tweet Big Government

‘I said that other texts and photos were likely to come out, and today they have’

Sext with caution: Snapchat photos can be recovered from your phone

Sex-Ed Texting

Ppopular app that is supposed to self destruct photos in seconds actually saves all of them

Teacher sexting champion sentenced for sending 4,300 text messages to students

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Defendant insisted he was not the ‘aggressor’ in crimes

Teens who receive a 'sext' message 'Should delete it and not tell anybody' - USA Today


Says Justin Patchin of Cyberbullying Research Center

Florida's new teen 'sexting' law now in effect - NBC Miami

Teen Texting

Teens who send racy photos via text message will now have two strikes before being slapped with a felony charge and lifetime sex offender status

ScarJo's peep show serves as ringing reminder - TheDC

Scarlett Johansson

THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Hacked photos of actress prompt warning for smartphone users

NJ bill lets 'sexting' teens avoid charges - AP

New Jersey considers bill so ‘sexting’ teens would be able to avoid prosecution as sex offenders

High school can search student cell phones for sexting - The Daily News

New cell phone policy allows administrators to search student cell phones for sexual explicit pictures or messages

The NFL has decided to punt - NY Post

NY Post: The league let Brett Favre off with a slap on the wrist yesterday

There's an 'anti-sexting' app for that - PC Mag

Apple’s patent was approved Tuesday for an app created to prevent the sending or receiving of text messages with questionable content

Wis. D.A. accused of 'sexting' multiple clients - AP

3rd woman says Wis. DA harassed her