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Former altar boy sues Catholic Church over pedophile priest

Typhoon Haiyan survivors take part in a nine-day Christmas vigil mass at a damaged church in Palo

‘This is the worst of the worst’

'ONE POKE' ... Sen. Brian Schatz involved in simulated sheep rape rituals


Hawaii Democrat Schatz’s fraternity ordered pledges to ‘give sheep one poke’

Who could have guessed that this daycare worker molested children? [VIDEO]

preschool teacher alleged molester. Photo: KTLA screenshot

Police allegedly found images of Robert Ornelas, 62, molesting little kids

Man facing 22 sex assault charges - Sheboygan Press

‘Law enforcement personnel believe this to be the most severe case any of them have ever seen’

Critics go after sexual violence legislation - TheDC

Civil libertarians are crying foul at new legislation aimed at combating sexual violence on college campuses

Scott Brown recounts molestation as a child [VIDEO] - TheDC

Brown tells 60 Minutes that he was abused multiple times by a camp counselor when he was ten years old

Incest: Something 'progressive' . . . when 'conservative, racist hicks' aren't imagined doing it

Leftists are for incest, except for when they are against it.

Registered sex offenders often hired by schools - TheDC

Schools often hire or retain those convicted of sexual abuse of minors, GAO study finds

Columbia professor arrested after three years of incest - NYDN

The Ivy League professor was arraigned on a single count of felony incest

Al Gore interviewed by police over alleged sex crimes - KATU

Portland police detectives interviewed the former VP, questioning him about allegations that he sexually abused a licensed Portland massage therapist

Babysitters force 10-year-old to watch them have sex - Wausau Daily Herald

The two are charged with exposing a child to harmful material and three counts of causing a child to view or listen to sexual activity

Man has sex with client to pay off debt - WTHI

Indianan indicted for sleeping with victim as repayment for work in a 2009 civil case

Adult lesbian seduced school children - The Sun

Woman aged 26 preyed on schoolgirls after pretending she was just 15 year old boy, a court heard yesterday

MSM, liberal Catholics exploiting scandal for political gain

The abuse scandal has offered the Church an opportunity to return to the basics of the pursuit of holiness, a sincere profession of the Gospel and a chance to cleanse itself of those who have sought to undermine it from within