COULTER: Chris Matthews' Hillary Amnesia

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter
MSNBC's Matthews And Hillary Clinton Team Up To Attack Donald Trump And Republican Party [screen shot MSNBC]

In Matthews’ defense, when it comes to Hillary, he isn’t the only one with amnesia about Team Clinton.

Colleges Begin To Loosen Campus Speech Codes

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff

‘The greatest threat to free speech on campus may now be the federal government’

Prominent MIT Professor Fired For Sexually Harassing Student

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
Walter Lewin

‘It is painful to learn of the behavior that necessitated this action’

Why I'm Not Buying That New York City Street Harassment Video

Opinion | Ameena Schelling
Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.13.27 AM

Hollaback to New York City: ‘your very chromosomes are an affront to women’s liberation.’

Dead Senator's Aide To Anonymous Sex Accusers: Say It In Public

Politics | Neil Munro

One-armed, medal-winner Inouye becomes the patsy as Sen. Gillibrand eludes media inquiries

Student hugs his teacher, gets suspended for a YEAR for sexual harassment

Education | Eric Owens
Photo collage: CBS Atlanta

Hugs now substantially worse and riskier than drugs, apparently

Sexual harassment charge for six-year-old who kissed his GF's hand

Education | Robby Soave
Hunter Yelton / Screenshot

Doesn’t know what sex is

Coaches who harassed cheerleaders give worst defense ever

Education | Robby Soave
OSU Cheerleaders/Wikimedia Commons

Creepy coaches hit on cheerleaders of both sexes

Filner may soon be hugging people in unemployment line

Politics | Chris Reed
Bob Filner; too much Axe

Sex-for-treatment-of-wounded-Marine offer could be lowest point in U.S. history

They've had their Filner: Number of women accusing mayor reaches double digits

Politics | Caroline May
Bob Filner

‘Oh my gosh, nasty, just nasty’

Student twerkers criminalized, charged with sexual harassment

US | Elizabeth Dorton

‘We are asking you to look at these girls in the eyes and tell them they deserve a sexual harassment charge’

Feds backpedal on definition of sexual harassment for campuses

Daily Caller News Foundation | Robby Soave
Sexual Harassment Campuses

‘They are changing their standards as they go’

Feds make everyone on campus a sexual harasser

Opinion | Robert Shibley

The federal government, which regulates most US universities, has redefined ‘sexual harassment’ to encompass virtually everything.

Grease money: Document shows John Travolta's insurance company paid more than $84k to handle sexual assault allegations

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
John Travolta

Nearly one year ago, Travolta was plagued by a series of sexual harassment suits

N.J. substitute teacher tells female student she's ‘too sexy’ for gym class - TheDC

US | Alexa Fee
Gym class

Was separating students in gym class, said girl was ‘too sexy to do gym class today’

NC Dems attack Romney over transparency while stonewalling over harassment allegations - TheDC

US | Matthew Boyle
North Carolina Democratic Party Headquarters

‘No press availability since 3/16. That’s 33 days and counting. What’s Romney hiding?’

N.C. Democratic Party executive director resigns in wake of sexual harassment scandal - TheDC

Politics | Matthew Boyle
North Carolina Democratic Party HQ

N.C. Democratic Party executive director resigns in wake of sexual harassment scandal

Four of five women say they've been hit on at company holiday parties - TheDC

US | Caroline May
Office Party

But only 10 percent report the incident to a supervisor, survey finds