WELCOME TO RE-SEGREGATION: Sexual Harassment And The Law Of Unintended Consequences

op-ed | Howard Segermark
If you want legal certainty that you're about to enter a consensual sexual relationship, the upcoming smartphone application LegalFling might be for you. (Photo: Shutterstock/M-SUR)

Will the ‘Pence Rule’ become America’s new norm?

'Start-By-Believing' Investigations Are A Multimillion Dollar Threat To Justice

op-ed | Christopher Perry
injustice Shutterstock/icedmocha

It’s absurd to tell investigators to discount the possibility of false allegations. Yet that’s only one huge problem

As The Celebrity Award Season Begins, It's Open Season For Ron Hart

op-ed | Ron Hart
Shutterstock collage: s_bukley, Ovidiu Hrubaru

About 90 percent of those accused of sexual misconduct are leftist Democrats

MAN UP, DADS: Fathers Must Intentionally Educate Sons To Respect Girls And Women In The Sexual Assault Era

op-ed | Jerome Danner
father and son Shutterstock/altanaka

It does not take rocket science to practice appropriate behavior around women

COULTER: Al Franken's Touching Departure

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter (screen capture from HBO)
Al Franken has finally gotten around to calling a moving van

America's Slutty Hookup Culture Is Predictably Leading To Sexual McCarthyism

op-ed | Sara Lehmann
woman scales justice Shutterstock/edwardolive

The #MeToo crusade has, chillingly, become the latest fad chipping away at due process

Men And #MeToo In The Workplace

op-ed | Scott Douglas Gerber
me too Shutterstock/Birgit Reitz-Hofmann

The time for tolerating sexual misconduct in the workplace is over

Anita Hill Will Head Hollywood Hunt For Sexual Harassers

US | David Krayden
Anita Hill Getty Images/Jennifer K. Law
'We will be focusing on issues ranging from power disparity, equity and fairness, safety, sexual harassment guidelines'

CNN Refuses To Cover Top Democrat's $220K Sexual Harassment Scandal

Politics | Peter Hasson
REUTERS/Joe Skipper

Democracy dies in darkness.

How Low Will They Go? Deafening Silence From Tobacco Controllers About Glantz Allegations

Daily Vaper | Carl V. Phillips
Stanton Glantz (YouTube screenshot/University of Kentucky)

Tobacco controllers have basically just demonstrated that they consider themselves neither answerable to the public nor good guys

Second Woman Accuses House Democrat Of Sexual Misconduct

Politics | Peter Hasson
REUTERS/David Becker

‘What color are your panties?’

Schumer Goes To The Cops After Forged Document Claimed Sexual Harassment

Politics | Kerry Picket
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) leaves following the weekly policy luncheon on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., November 28, 2017. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

‘The document is a forged document and every allegation is false’

Here Is How The Defeat Of Hillary Clinton Led To The Sexual Harassment Revolution

op-ed | Harmeet K. Dhillon
Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton Getty Images/Paul J Richard, Reuters/Jim Young

Feminists now realize how foolish they were to call female victims ‘bimbos’ for Bill Clinton’s sake

NYC Removes 'Kissletoe' Due To Outcry From Women

US | Gabrielle Okun
Main hall Grand Central Terminal, New York Shutterstock/ Paper Cat

‘Pucker up’

Democrat Settled Sexual Harassment Case With $220k Of Taxpayer Dollars

Politics | Peter Hasson
REUTERS/Joe Skipper

Will Democrats disavow?