California Sees 45-Percent Increase In STDs Over 5 Years

US | Audrey Conklin
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‘A significant increase in…stillborn babies’

Washington DC Is SWAMPED With Teenagers Who Have Sexually Transmitted Diseases

US | Eric Owens
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America’s capital has the highest teen STD rate and it’s not even close!

Once-Great Liberal Journal: Trump Probably Has SYPHILIS

Health | Eric Owens
Donald Trump Reuters/Carlos Barria

‘He was sexually promiscuous in the 1980s’

More Americans Have Had Venereal Diseases Than View Trump Favorably, Poll Shows

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chlamydia YouTube screenshot/microveda, Donald Trump Reuters/Jim Bourg

It’s close, though! About 34 percent to 31 percent


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Burning sensations, discharges, swelling, bleeding …

'50 Shades of Grey' copy contains traces of herpes

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

Because of course it does

Michael Douglas: Giving oral sex caused my cancer

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

Hollywood non-MD adds: ‘Cunnilingus is also the best cure for it’

Shocking report: LA porn industry full of STDs - TheDC

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

A male performer tested positive for syphilis in July, but continued shooting adult scenes anyway, prompting several studios to suspend filming

'Abstinent' teens test positive for STDs - Washington Times

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Researchers say the study demonstrates a need for universal screening

Smartphones may soon diagnose STDs - MSNBC

Tech | Steven Nelson (admin)

British researchers are working on a kit for phones and personal computers that will be able to diagnose sexually transmitted diseases

Health officials working on STD test app, would enable users to urinate into cell phone - NY Observer

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British health officials are in the process of creating an STD test app for cell phones

HIV rate rises among over-50s - BBC News

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There has been a big increase in the number of people aged 50 and over catching HIV, latest figures show.

Wrap it up or pack it up - LAT

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Although the California occupation safety and health rules requires the use of condoms on set, most heterosexual poor shoots don’t obey