Video Shows Moment A Bikini-Clad Woman Survives Wrestling Match With Massive Shark

US | Chris White

‘I assumed my husband was playing a prank on me’

Navy Develops Underwater Drone That Looks Like A Shark

US | Jonah Bennett

DroneNado movie coming next?

Sharks Can Now Take Buzzfeed Personality Tests

World | Alex Olson
Sharks Can Now Take Buzzfeed Personality Tests (Finding Nemo YouTube Screenshot)

Turns out all sharks are not the same.

AMAZING Footage: Great White Shark Attacks SharkCam

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘Holy s***’

Grandma 'Attacked' By Shark At Spy Museum, Hilarity Ensues

Entertainment | Eric Owens

Today in video that has somehow gone viral

Study Shows Great White Shark Populations Off The East Coast Are Increasing

US | Sarah Hofmann
A Great White shark is pictured in the Eastern North Pacific in this undated handout photograph courtesy of Kevin Weng, University of Hawaii. REUTERS/Kevin Weng, University of Hawaii/Handout via Reuters

Dun dun, dun dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun dun dun DUN DUN

INSANE Video Of Guy Fighting Off Great White Shark In Harbour

Entertainment | Sarah Hofmann

Real or not, this is everyone’s worst nightmare

What The HECK Ate This Huge Great White Shark?

Video | Rachel Stoltzfoos

SPOILER: No one knows for sure

WHOA: This man fought off a shark, stitched up his own wounds and dashed off to the bar

World | Kelsi Thorud
Doctor fights off shark, stitches himself, celebrates with a beer (Flickr/steve.garner32)

‘I had a knife in my hand so I gave it a good few jabs’

Shark week jumps itself with Sharknado-esque mockumentary [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Buzz60

“The legendary shark week I loved is dead”

Shark Week got you scared? You're more likely to fall into a sinkhole

Entertainment | Audrey Hughes

Americans face a 1-in-11.5-million chance of being attacked by a shark

Man wrestles sharks as a hobby, like a completely normal person [VIDEO]

US | Sarah Hofmann

The 24-year-old just likes to ‘play’ with the sea creatures

'Ghost Shark' is the follow-up to 'Sharknado' we all want

Entertainment | taylorbigler

‘It’s going to swim up and bite you in the ass if you don’t wake up’

'Sharknado' is the next great American movie

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

Finally, a made-for-TV movie about a tornado filled with sharks

Watch Florida teen ride 50,000 pound shark

US | Eva Cover

Scientists upset (of course)

Sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads exist - TheDC

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

Celeb biologist Luke Tipple makes Dr. Evil’s one simple request come true

'River Monsters' takes third journey into the murky deep - TheDC

Entertainment | Jonathan Strong

Jeremy Wade, the host of Animal Planet’s ‘River Monsters,’ confronts monsters of the murky deep for your entertainment