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Facebook's Comms Exec Steps Down Just Days After Apologizing To Investor Who Accused Him Of Sexism

Business | Eric Lieberman
'Intense and leaves little room for much else'

Facebook Researching Ad-Free Subscription Model To See If More People Will Join The Site

Tech | Kyle Perisic
2 billion users isn't enough, apparently

Facebook Launches 'Data Abuse Bounty' Program To Have Community Help Nab Potential Bad Actors

Business | Eric Lieberman
'As much as $40,000 for people who bring them to our attention'

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg Pledges To Ramp Up 'Fake News' Censorship - 'We Should Have Done This Earlier'

US | Christian Datoc

Facebook Makes Adjustments To Try To Stay Ahead Of Washington DC

Tech | Eric Lieberman
'Approach with a fine-toothed comb'

Where's Mark Zuckerberg?

Media | Joe Simonson
He hasn't been heard from since the beginning of the Cambridge Analytica controversy.

Facebook Exec Slams Twitter For Censoring Pro-Life Blackburn Ad

Tech | Grace Carr
'You cut off speech for all people'

Facebook Responds To Fake News Criticism With These Drastic Measures

Business | Reuters
Concerned about hate speech

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg: Fake News Did Not Influence The Outcome Of The Election

Elections | Kaitlan Collins
'We don't think...'

Facebook COO In Leaked Email: I Still Want Hillary To Win Badly

Tech | Alex Pfeiffer
'I am still here to help as I can'

Following Shared Research With Clinton Campaign, Facebook COO Denies Treasury Secretary Rumors

Politics | Eric Lieberman
'I really am staying at Facebook. I’m very happy'

Silicon Valley Seems To Love Burying Conservative News

Business | Eric Lieberman
People need the news

The COO Of Facebook Reveals Why She's Voting For Hillary Clinton

Tech | Kaitlan Collins
Sheryl Sanderberg explains...

It's Official: Facebook Shareholders Like Peter Thiel Way More Than Zuckerberg

Business | Ted Goodman
Perhaps they don't like Gawker

Paul Ryan And Apple's Tim Cook Meet To Talk Big Money

Politics | Eric Lieberman
Talking about bringing home the bacon over some bacon

EMAILS: Facebook's Feminist-In-Chief Had Direct Contact With SecDef Prior To Decision On Women In Combat

US | Jonah Bennett
'I thank YOU Sheryl for your inspiration ... Please call me Ash.'

7 Hashtags That Prove Twitter Activism Can Change Human History

Satire | Blake Neff
It's gonna stop Trump, just like #BringBackOurGirls brought those girls back

Pentagon Brings 'Lean In' Feminism To The Marine Corps

US | Jonah Bennett
'Don’t wait to be asked—step up when you see dishes in the sink or laundry piling up'

Why the Paycheck Fairness Act is unconstitutional

Opinion | Mike Church
Like the ERA, it needs to be passed by the states.

Why aren't there more women at the top?

| Suzanne Venker
It's motherhood, not sexism, that's the main driver of the gender disparity in the workplace.

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