Israeli Nuke Site Renamed After Dead Nobel Peace Prize Winner

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View of the Israeli nuclear facility in the Negev Dest outside Dimona August 6, 2000. Mordechai Vanunu, a former nuclear technical, spilled Israel's nuclear secrets to a British newspaper in 1986 and a short while later was abducted to Israel to stand trial. He is currently in the 13th year of an 18-year jail term. Vanunu claimed Israel had built 200 atomic bombs at the Dimona site. Today, August 6, is the 55th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in Japan where some 200,000 people were killed, leading to the end of World War II. Israelis plan a demonstration today calling for a nuclear-free Middle East, the release of Vanunu from jail and the closing of the Dimona facility.

Obama eulogized Nobel laureate Peres at his funeral in September

Obama Rushes To Make Israeli Leader Shimon Peres' Funeral About Himself

Politics | Russ Read

‘I could somehow see myself in his story, and he could see myself in mine’

Pretty Sure That's Not How You Wear A Yarmulke, Bill Clinton

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
Former President Bill Clinton stands next to the flag-draped coffin of former Israeli President Shimon Peres, as he lies in state at the Knesset plaza, the Israeli parliament, in Jerusalem

What happened here?

Obama to go on wreath-laying expedition in Israel

World | Jamie Weinstein

President Barack Obama’s March trip to Israel will feature the laying of not one, not two, but three wreaths

Seinfeld actor in Israel uses comedy to push peace - AP

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Israeli President Shimon Peres in a meeting on Tuesday for advice on how to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Mr. Obama's Muddle East

Opinion | Ken Blackwell

President Obama’s Middle Eastern policies have been disastrous.

Former Israeli president convicted of rape - AP

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Former Israel President Moshe Katsav was convicted Thursday of raping an employee when he was a Cabinet minister

State department escalates row with Israel - TELEGRAPH UK

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George Mitchell had been due to meet President Shimon Peres but the trip was put off in what was seen as a calculated snub designed to demonstrate continued US anger

Turkey’s position in facing a nuclear Iran

Opinion | Tülin Daloglu

Iran’s defiance to cooperate with the world powers over its nuclear program clearly adds to an already dangerous situation. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs sent a clear warning on Tuesday that “time and patience is running out” for Iran to come clean on its nuclear program. But President Obama is right to declare that “the door is still open” for to Iran engage in serious negotiations. So far, both sides have blamed one another for the lack of a breakthrough in talks. Given its ever-increasing profile in the Middle East, Turkey is now trying to break this impasse. The question is, though, whether the current Turkish leadership has the capacity to play the game adequate to Turkey’s significance in the region.

Iran on the threshold: From engagement to comprehensive containment

op-ed | Patrick Cronin

Thirty-one years after revolution brought about an Islamic Republic, Iran is on the threshold of acquiring a nuclear weapon capability—if it chooses to do so.

Herzliya conference outlines challenges facing Israel, allies - TheDC

World | Yarden Gazit

From an American perspective, the 10th annual Herzliya Conference held this week provided a window to the Israeli view of the challenges it faces in the Middle East, from Egypt to Pakistan, and of its relationship with the U.S. Thousands of miles away from Washington, American participants made interesting statements they might not have made in D.C

Israel slams Iran as world recalls Holocaust - Reuters

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Israel’s leaders, with Iran on their minds, vowed never again to allow the “hand of evil” to kill Jews as the world marked International Holocaust Memorial Day on Wednesday.

In Berlin, Israeli President Shimon Peres told the German parliament Iran posed a threat to the whole world and lashed out at its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who denies the Holocaust and has called for the destruction of the Jewish state.

Israeli PM and survivors gather at Auschwitz to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day

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Events are taking place at Auschwitz to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi death camp, as the world marks Holocaust Memorial Day.

Auschwitz survivors and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are among those gathering in Poland, where the camp was built under German occupation.