sidney blumenthal

Clinton Fixer's 'Second Dossier' Was Met With Skepticism

Investigative Group | Chuck Ross
'Rope-a-dope story'

Steele Dossier's 'Coincidences' Keep Piling Up

Politics | Chuck Ross
Dossier drip

Jim Jordan Reveals Key Figure Who Was 'Knee Deep' In Benghazi Involved In Steele Dossier

Politics | Nick Givas
'Talk about rigging the game'

Wait, There Was A SECOND Anti-Trump Dossier Handed To The FBI?!

Politics | Chuck Ross

FLASHBACK: Sid Blumenthal Lobbied Hillary Clinton On Behalf Of Pro-Putin Georgian Politician

Politics | Chuck Ross
Clinton failed to turn over secret memo

A Lot Of Liberal Journalists Are On Putin's Payroll. Take A Look

Investigative Group | Richard Pollock
Left-leaning reporters populate Russian state-owned TV network

Sid Blumenthal, Reporters Spread Video Of 'Racist' Fred Trump Ad. There's One Problem

Politics | Chuck Ross
Sidney Blumenthal spread rumor; WaPo fact-checker circulated video

Hillary Insiders Mock Bond With Sidney Blumenthal

Opinion | Danielle Avel
Those in Hillary’s own circle questioned her judgment.

Sidney Blumenthal: 'Right-Wing' FBI Agents Took Down Hillary In A 'Coup D'Etat'

Politics | Chuck Ross
'I think it's not unfair to call it a coup'

Hillary Clinton Knew She Was Helping Islamists Move Into Power In Libya

World | Patrick Howley
'The real power lies with the Libyan Brotherhood'

WIKILEAKS: State Dept Told 'Friendly' AP Reporters About Missing Hillary Emails Before Congress

Politics | Michael Bastasch
'Just spoke to State'

State Dept. May Have Used 'Friendly' Reporters To Manage Clinton Email Fallout

Elections | Blake Neff
'Placing a story with a friendly at the AP'

Hillary Campaign Manager Blasts Clinton Confidant For Indulging In Conspiracies

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'Girlie gossip with the secretary of state'

Podesta: Sidney Blumenthal Lacks 'Self Respect'

Elections | Chuck Ross
'Will you promise to shoot me if I ever end up like that?'

Sid Blumenthal Calls Rand Paul 'Personally Attractive' In New Clinton Email

Politics | Juliegrace Brufke
'He may well run for the Republican presidential nomination'

Hillary, The Mouse That Roared

| David Lawrence
Shame on us if we don’t reverse the Obama-Hillary years.

Sid Blumenthal DID Have Financial Interest In Libya Projects

Politics | Chuck Ross
Clinton friend stood to earn a finder's fee

Obama Admin Refuses To Say Whether Clinton Pal Violated Foreign Lobbying Law

Elections | Chuck Ross

Emails Show That Clinton Ally Urged Reporter To Investigate Obama's Activities In Kenya

Elections | Chuck Ross
Records show how Sidney Blumenthal operates

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