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Weapons, Banking, Drugs And Slavery – Financing Terrorism Creatively


Who funds terrorism and how terrorists make their money

The Case Against Reparations

The moon sets over the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial during celebrations of the birthday of the civil rights leader

Ta-Nehisi Coates almost makes it himself

Terrorist Says Allah Told Him To 'Sell Women' Into Slavery

A poster advertising for the search of Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau is pasted on a wall in Baga

‘He commands me to sell’

Hayes' Rebellion

Chris Hayes

Up with Chris, down with modern society

Sure, liberals, global warming is JUST LIKE slavery

Chris Hayes

‘It is impossible to point to any precedent other than abolition’

School slavery reenactment uses n-word repeatedly, sends black girl running through woods

Slaves in Virginia in 1862. Photo: Library of Congress

‘You don’t have any rights, we own you’

Rubio spokesman compares plight of illegal immigrants to slavery


‘We haven’t had a cohort of people living permanently in US without full rights of citizenship since slavery’

Remembering Harriet Tubman on the centennial of her death

Underground Railroad conductor Harriet Tubman died on March 10, 1913.

NYC public school teacher's math homework asks students about whipping, killing slaves

Slaves in Virginia in 1862

‘One slave got whipped five times a day…’

Yvette Clarke History Hour

The true story of how the Dutch kept slavery going in New York until well into the twentieth century.

Former Dem. governor to Biden: 'Slavery is nothing to joke about' - TheDC

‘So the more important thing is don’t divide the country’

Joe Biden shakes those chains

On Tuesday, Biden told a largely black audience that Republicans want to “put y’all in chains.”

The misunderstood history of nullification

Abolitionists used nullification as a weapon in the fight against slavery.

Barack Buchanan and the gay left

Why are liberal gay activists letting Obama get away with his wishy-washy stance on gay marriage?

Labor union sues Indiana, calls working alongside nonunion employees 'slavery' - TheDC

Circa 1800:  Slaves picking cotton on a plantation.  (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images) Overlaid with anti-Right-to-Work banner from a protest at the Indiana state capitol.

Labor union sues Indiana, calls working alongside nonunion employees ‘slavery’

Abortion provider predicts 'free states' and 'slave states' if Obama loses [VIDEO] - TheDC

‘We’re looking at a very dim future if any of these Republican candidates occupy that Oval Office’

An execrable ancestor

What the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 has in common with the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850.

N. Korean labor camps inside Russia exposed in new video - TheDC

North Korea Illustrious General

‘The world is f**ked. Slaves in 2012?? It’s madness. Where are all the adults?’

PETA draws flak for comparing SeaWorld to slavery - TheDC

Orca SeaWorld

‘Sadly, it seems that PETA, like the plantation owners of our past, also think humans are animals’

Ohio school in hot water after a black student is forced to play a slave in class - NYDN

Aneka Burton was outraged when her son, an African American elementary school student, told her he was forced to play a slave during a class assignment