These Earbuds Are Ideal For Red-Eye Flights & Even Your Bed

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These innovative earbuds make sleeping while traveling much easier

This Deal On Sound Machines Will Help You Sleep Easy

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As much as 44 percent off

Stop Snoring And Sleep Soundly With This Jaw Strap That's Over 60 Percent Off

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Also helps prevent sleep apnea, bruxism, and TMJ pain

This Deal On Sleeping Aids Includes The Most Popular White Noise Machine AND Aleve PM

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This is the #1 bestseller among sound therapy products, and it actually produces 6 soothing sounds: white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer night and brook

This One-Day-Only Deal On Sound Machines Includes The #1 Bestseller

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White noise will block out other sounds and let you (or your baby) doze off peacefully

This One Key Ingredient To Great Sleep Could Change Your Life

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Great sleep (Photo: Shutterstock)

What science says

Is Bill De Blasio Literally Napping On The Job?

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
Mayor Sandman, bring me a dream

SLEEP Is Racist Now, Scientists Assure America

US | Eric Owens
Bed Sheets

‘It’s uncomfortable for them to sleep because they are thinking back over mistreatment’

Scientists Discover How To Induce Lucid Dreaming With Electricity

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Small currents at specifc frequencies could allow dreamers to control their dreams

How to get better sleep

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A baby giant panda sleeps on its bed at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Sichuan province

Daily routines may influence sleep quality, quantity

Top 10: Things you can do on a leap year [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

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Leap Year

Pretend like it doesn’t exist or celebrate, either way it’s coming making this year longer than last

Study: Technology usage before bed creates sleeping problems - CNET

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Researchers say using technology an hour before bed makes it difficult to fall asleep

Trapped like a rat! Subway passenger awoken by rat on his face [VIDEO] - TheDC

Video | Vince Coglianese

A running rodent cause a stir on a New York City subway train

Anesthesia doesn't actually put patients to "sleep" - LAT

| Laura Donovan

A New England Journal of Medicine study says anesthesia puts the brain in a state of unconsciousness rather than in a ‘sleeping’ state

'Beauty sleep' theory has some scientific merit - TIME

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A new scientific study found that sleep could actually affect attractiveness

Vitamins can disrupt sleep - NYT

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Scientists found that multivitamin users experience a slightly higher rate of having poor or interrupted sleep

A combination of alcohol and sleep - LAT

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A new study shows that drinking before bed might not cause sleep problems

Questions loom over drug given to sleepless vets - AP

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Several soldiers and veterans have died while taking Seroquel, raising concerns among some military families

Studying dream lovers - NY Daily News

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Scientists explore causes of new ‘sexsomnia’ sleeping condition in patients

Stronger, cleaner cement gets award - The Boston Globe

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C-Crete Technologies, a start-up founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology students, developed “a nanoengineered cement that reduces CO2 emissions and is stronger than any currently existing cement.’’