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Small Is Beautiful, And Popular: A New Political Paradigm For The GOP

A street sign marking Main Street stands in Port Washington. Shannon Stapleton/Reuters.

Local government, small business, and churches are the foundation of a strong vision for the country.

Survey: Texas, Utah, Idaho Most Business-Friendly States

A shopper looks at Sony Corp's Vaio PCs at an electronics retail store in Tokyo

‘Ease of compliance with tax and regulatory systems’

Small Business Group Works Against Minimum Wage Hike

Reid answers questions from reporters after the weekly Republican caucus luncheon at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

‘They are just piling it on the small businesses’

So what do Americans think about Obama's business policies?

Barack Obama

Not good things

Pro-Obama small business advocate has big financial problems

John Arensmeyer

Obama’s favorite small business advocate called for higher taxes, but doesn’t like paying them himself

The forgotten man of the minimum-wage debate

Yums Brands Earns.JPEG

The minimum wage is a huge burden on entrepreneurs.

Lawsuit claims Obamacare crushing small employers


Texas doctor says the Affordable Care Act’s impact on his clinic is ‘upside down’

Economic confidence up while small business continues to drag - TheDCNF


Only 11 percent of small businesses told NFIB they added employees

Websites say Google malware warnings hurting business - TheDC

Google China

‘Even as a free service, they’re not that attentive to small business’

Obama's Small Business Administration chief steps down

Karen Mills Small Business

‘Karen has made it easier for small businesses to interact with the federal government’

Va. store owner closes for day to mourn election outcome - TheDC

Jewelry store closed Obama

Jeweler set to reopen Thursday to ‘continue the fight against a president who seeks my demise’

Fifty-five percent of small businesses would not start a business today, survey says - TheDCNF

Small Business Owner

‘The data in this survey offer a striking picture’

Survey: Health insurance costs drive uncertainty among small business owners - TheDCNF

Small Business owner

‘Fears over increasing health insurance costs continue to dominate the list of concerns for small businesses’

Study: Small business optimism falls - TheDCNF

Small Business

‘Congress has recessed without a plan to resolve our calamitous debt/spending cycle or a lasting answer to our dangerous fiscal cliff’

Deli owner wants eatery removed from Obama campaign ad - TheDC

Debra Krause-McDonell says she never gave the campaign permission to feature her deli

Mr. President, give me some credit for my success

I’ve been working 80-hour weeks for decades.

We built that!

It’s a shame there aren’t more mid-July graduations in Roanoke, Virginia.

The government does not deserve credit for private businesses' success

The president’s economic policies are based on a superstitious fear of liberty and a zealot’s belief in government.

President Obama has misjudged the American spirit

He doesn’t seem to understand how Americans view entrepreneurs.

Obama's pile of straw

‘Straw-man argument’ is too generous a term for the president’s characterization of conservatives’ attitude toward entrepreneurial success.