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Charge Your Phone With Sound Waves

British and Korean researchers found a way to use sound to charge your phone

Silicon Valley Coffee Shop Stops Tracking Customers After Backlash

A lock icon, signifying an encrypted Internet connection, is seen on an Internet Explorer browser in Paris

‘Euclid Analytics’ tracking system used by San Francisco coffee shop receives criticism from customers, politicians

Your Smartphone Screen Will Never Shatter Again Thanks To This New Technology

A man uses a smartphone in New York City

‘The annoying problem of cracked smartphone screens may be solved once and for all with this flexible touchscreen’

Microsoft Becomes The New Apple In Its First Nokia Ad

‘Not like everybody else’

If you use ANY Google service on your smartphone, you need to read this

Illustration picture of application icons of Facebook Twitter and Google on iPhone next to earphone set in Berlin

‘Sign in to one, and you’ll be signed in to all’

Hackers build drone that steals TONS of sensitive smartphone data

A drone takes to the sky to watch a demonstration against the British National Party's Red, White and Blue event in Denby

‘Your phone connects to me and then I can see all of your traffic’

DHS looking to build national license plate database

A snow and ice covered license plate is seen on a taxi in Times Square during a snow storm in Manhattan in New York

‘You’re just somehow never alone or away from the glaring eyes, in the minds of some, of Big Brother’

Want to keep the NSA from spying on you? This smartphone is for you


‘Blackphone provides users with everything they need to ensure privacy and control of their communications’

How long until you can vote on your tablet or smartphone?

A customer holds a new Apple iPad Air tablet inside the Apple Store on New York's fifth avenue

‘Prime III is the world’s most accessible voting technology ever created’

A quick guide to getting the most out of your new smartphone

Picture illustration of Apple's iPhone 5 and Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S4 taken in Seoul

Keep your battery firing on all cylinders and increase your productivity

This company could recover stolen smartphones, but service providers say no

Men pose with Samsung Galaxy S3 Nokia Lumia 820 and iPhone 4 smartphones in photo illustration in Zenica

Companies including AT&T and Verizon block anti-theft software from being installed in their phones

Watch this 'Wolverine' phone heal itself

LG G Flex

Just try it, bub

Does anyone really want smartwatches?


Logic suggests that smartphone vendors are desperately searching for the “next big thing” as high-end, high-margin smartphone and tablet sales slow

Massive growth in mobile media consumption explains why the mobile industry is refocusing on content

Bollywood actress Kaif displays the Sony Xperia Z high-end smartphone in New Delhi

U.S. consumers now dedicate one-fifth of their media consumption time to mobile

Study: 21 percent of Americans use cell phones to video chat


‘For many people, cell phones have become an extension of themselves’

Orchestra plays symphony on smartphones [VIDEO]

This is not your average night at the theater

Pew: Half of US adults own tablet or smartphone - AP


About half of the tablet news users that Pew surveyed say their tablets spur them to spend more time consuming news

Facebook blames bug for email glitch - TheDC

Facebook Privacy.JPEG

Facebook places the blame for the loss of users’ contacts on a software bug

Report: Number of medical apps will grow 25 percent each year - TheDC

Droid smartphone

Fears about the FDA hampering innovation remain

Congress passes bill allowing FDA to regulate smartphone apps - TheDC

Apple's New iPhone 4s Goes On Sale

On Wednesday, Congress approved a bill that allows the Food and Drug Administraion to regulate medical applications on smartphones.