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Is Selling Untaxed Cigarettes Now A Capital Offense?

Black markets can kill too.

Ohio University Considers MANDATORY Re-Education Classes For Smokers

A Clockwork Orange YouTube screenshot/Steven Santos

‘You don’t need to threaten people with fines’

British Doctors Want To Make All Cigarettes Illegal

An employee at British American Tobacco

Black market? What black market?

Obama lied about smoking to UN official


President has definitely smoked within the last six years, despite his claim

Starbucks bans smoking 25 feet around their property

Starbucks cups.JPEG

Even electronic cigarettes are now prohibited by the coffee giant

Woman slaps cop to quit smoking

Womens Deaths Counties.JPEG

Because a misdemeanor is more effective than Nicorette

Study: If you quit smoking by 40, it's almost like you never smoked at all

Study suggests smokers who quit by 40 can live as long as smokers

New Canadian research suggests that many symptoms of smoking can be erased if a smoker quits by 40

State-funded study: Cigarette tax hurts New York's poor most - TheDC

New York Cigarette Tax

‘It may be that raising taxes does not work well for low-income smokers’

Obama administration to push for eliminating smoking on college campuses - TheDC

Marlboro Cigarettes

HHS assistant secretary: ‘We are witnessing a public health evolution to make smoking history’

Smoking down as tobacco profits soar - TheDCNF


Cigarette smoking has dropped most sharply among young adults

CDC launches disgusting anti-smoking ad campaign - AP

Man smoking

Despite increased taxes and bans in many public places, the adult smoking rate hasn’t budged since 2003

Daytona International Speedway to ban smoking - TheDC

Daytona International Speedway

Tobacco companies have played a big role in sponsoring NASCAR in the past

Anti-smoking advocate fears movement's gone too far - TheDC

New York City Extends Smoking Ban To Public Parks, Beaches

‘Once we leave the firm ground of science, we could be viewed as zealots’

GOP should hammer Obama for breaking his tax pledge

Three years ago Saturday, Obama broke his central campaign promise: that he wouldn’t raise taxes on people who make less than $250,000 a year.

South Korean anti-smoking activists ask Constitutional Court to ban all tobacco sales - TheDC

New York City Extends Smoking Ban To Public Parks, Beaches

Claim: Constitutional ‘right to health’ trumps legal right to sell cigarettes

Nanny state loses battle over tobacco ads

Hell hath no fury like a nanny-stater scorned.

Judge: FDA tobacco warnings may be unconstitutional - TheDC

No Smoking Tobacco

Ruling: Graphic ads reveal FDA’s ‘obvious anti-smoking agenda’