E-Cig Policy Is A Much-Needed Step In The Right Direction

op-ed | Jesse Hathaway
Close-up Of Businessperson Holding Electronic Cigarette In Hand. (Shutterstock)

It should never be discouraged as an alternative to smoking and has relatively few health risks

When Quitting Smoking, Does 'Every Try Count'?

Daily Vaper | Carl V. Phillips
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FDA cares more about head counts than body counts

Is It Cheaper To Vape Or Smoke?

Daily Vaper | Blake Randle
Smoking is expensive (Photo via Shutterstock)

There’s no contest

Smoking Chimp Proves Animals Can Be Cool Too

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
Just kidding, there's nothing cool about animals

How Trump Can Light The Way For The E-Cigarette Industry

Daily Vaper | Jan Verleur
Businessman holds vaporizer and is smoking electronic cigarette. (Credit: Shutterstock/vchal)

It’s a new, innovative industry and that cannot afford to backpedal on standards.

Joy Behar: Worst Things Obama Did Were Smoking, Putting Feet On Desk

Entertainment | Mike Raust

She says his eight years were ‘scandal-free’

Bully Tactics: The FDA Just Went Out Of Bounds

Opinion | John Pullo

Tobacco regulations don’t seem to take into account the fact that people enjoy smoking.

Ban The Smoking Ban

Opinion | Paul H. Yarbrough

Obama’s smoking ban in public housing is another Washington overreach.

This Study Is The Last Thing Anti-E-Cig Crusaders Want To See

US | Craig Boudreau
E-cig and cigarette butts

‘Our findings suggest that … ‘

Virginia Changing Capital Punishment And Smoking Laws

Politics | Kerry Picket
A view of the death chamber from the witness room at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility shows an electric chair and gurney August 29, 2001 in Lucasville, Ohio. (Photo: Mike Simons/Getty Images)

Hundreds of more laws go into effect

Vaping Is Not Smoking: Anti-E-Cig Activists Dealt Blow By Judge's Ruling

Daily Vaper | Guy Bentley
T-shirts on display at the Vape Summit 3 in Las Vegas, Nevada May 2, 2015. New research provided to Reuters has found that performing tricks is one of the top two reasons young users say they consider the devices cool. REUTERS/David Becker

‘An electronic cigarette neither burns nor contains tobacco’

French High Schools Respond To Terror Attacks In Most French Way Possible

Education | Eric Owens
girl smokers Getty Images/The Age

‘It’s not like it’s polluting the entire school yard’

Study Claiming Teen E-Cigarette Use Leads To Smoking 'Not Supported' By Evidence

Daily Vaper | Guy Bentley
E-Cigarette vaporizers are displayed at Digital Ciggz on January 28, 2015 in San Rafael, California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

‘Study does not provide evidence that e-cigarettes are a gateway to regular smoking’

Study: E-Cigarettes Could Help Smokers Avoid Weight Gain When They Quit

US | Guy Bentley
A woman smokes an e-cigarette as he visits Vapexpo, an international exhibition to promote e-cigarette, in Bordeaux, western France, on March 13, 2014. E-cigarettes are battery powered gadgets that deliver nicotine through a vapor that may be fruit or candy-flavored. AFP PHOTO / NICOLAS TUCAT (Photo credit should read NICOLAS TUCAT/AFP/Getty Images)

E-cigarettes make quitting cigarettes ‘easy, spontaneous and painless’

States Lost $5 Billion To Tax-Driven Cigarette Black Market

US | Rachel Stoltzfoos
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Revenues went up in smoke

Classic Opera Canceled Because It Might 'Glamorize Cigarettes'

Video | Tristyn Bloom

Those impressionable kids and their opera

Amazon Makes Its Warehouse Workers Smoke In Cages

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
General view of the Amazon.de distribution centre in Bad Hersfeld

‘They don’t want inventory going back and forth on the outside’

Taking A Smoke Break In Boulder Is About To Get Even Harder

US | Greg Campbell

Pretty soon, you might have to leave town to light up

Is Selling Untaxed Cigarettes Now A Capital Offense?

Opinion | W. James Antle III

Black markets can kill too.