Facebook's 'Fact Checker' Tried Slamming NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch. Dana Checked Her Right Into The Boards

Media | Derek Hunter

Geniuses At Snopes Fact Check Parody Website

Tech | Anders Hagstrom

The Defense For Google's Bias Against Conservative Websites Is Completely Embarrassing

Tech | Eric Lieberman
'The problem is with the culture'

Google CAUGHT, New Feature Only Attacks Conservative Sites

Media | Eric Lieberman
Liberal bias on full display

Facebook Launches 'Trust Indicators' To Help You Decide What's Fake News

Tech | Eric Lieberman
'If the story itself is credible'

Snopes Raises 500K From Crowdfunding Campaign Launched To Fight Legal Battle

US | Jack Crowe
'The survival of is a matter of public interest'

'Fact-Checker' Snopes Is Begging Readers For Cash

US | Michael Bastasch
Their credibility has been called into question

BuzzFeed, Vox Are Facebook's Newest Video Partners, Says Report

US | Eric Lieberman
'We hope to enable creativity and experimentation'

Facebook Is Giving Tips To Fight 'Fake News' Within Users Feeds

US | Eric Lieberman
'False news runs counter to our mission'

Google's Fake News 'Fact Checkers' Include Snopes, Politifact

US | Eric Lieberman
'making their own informed opinions'

Senator Supports Idea Of Government-Backed Fact Checker

Politics | Alex Pfeiffer
'Very creative suggestion'

Facebook Giving Money To CPAC A Year After Stifling Conservative News

US | Eric Lieberman
'There's a sizable number of Trump voters who are using Facebook'

Fact-Check: Snopes Gets Facts Wrong While Defending Planned Parenthood

Politics | Peter Hasson
'they missed something in a fact-checking piece as basic as...'

Is Facebook Rolling Back Its Fake News Battle?

US | Eric Lieberman
'Filter bubbles'

Facebook Exec: We Are 'Just Getting Started' With 'Fake News' Battle

Business | Eric Lieberman
'That's ultimately their prerogative'

Is Planned Parenthood Over-Inflating Its Prenatal Care Services To Justify Taxpayer Dollars?

US | Jonah Bennett
We deliver a fact-check Live Action's undercover video

Elementary Schools Are Teaching Kids How To Spot Fake News

Education | Amber Randall
'Only education can solve this problem'

Snopes Co-Founder Accused Of Embezzling Company Money, Spending It On Prostitutes

US | Peter Hasson
'the prostitutes he hired'

Conservative News On Facebook Will Be Censored, Here's Why

Opinion | Katie Frates
'I believe it had a chilling effect on conservative news'

Snopes, Facebook's New Fact-Checker, Employs Leftists Almost Exclusively

Tech | Alex Pfeiffer and Peter Hasson
Now they'll have the power to determine what is 'fake news'

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