Soccer Player Body-Slams Opponent

Sports | Scott Cook

That’s gotta hurt!

Turkish Bro Attempted To Smuggle An Entire Case Of Beers Into Soccer Match

Sports | Christian Datoc

That’s a bold strategy, Cotton

Soccer Star Scores Fantastic Goal, Flubs Celebration

Sports | Scott Cook

Smooth, real smooth…

Back To Back 10s! Cristiano Ronaldo's Rebound Is Scorching Hot [PHOTOS]

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Ronaldo & Lucia Villalon (photo: Instagram)

Well, that didn’t take long

In Honor Of The Recently Dropped Charges Against Her, Here's Hope Solo At Her Finest

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Hope Solo, America (photo:

She really puts the ‘ass’ in domestic assault

University Pres. Wishes Autocorrect Caught This Twitter Gaffe

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Gaffe, big time (screenshot: Twitter)

Who knew switching two letters could be so dangerous?

Argentine Soccer Player Dies After Being Attacked By Opposing Team's Fans

Sports | Christian Datoc
Argentina's Lionel Messi fights for the ball with Belgium's Axel Witsel and Toby Alderweireld during World Cup quarter-finals at the Brasilia national stadium

Soccer hooligans are out of control

This Brutal Flop Is Everything That's Wrong With Soccer

Sports | Christian Datoc

This is America, and we only have room for one football.

UConn Women's Soccer Wins Conference Title; Player Flips Off Camera

Sports | Christian Datoc
Noriana Radwan, screenshot: TVEyes

Cruel and unusual punishment

The World Cup Light-Color Advantage

Opinion | Adrian Bejan & J. Peder Zane
Argentina's Messi celebrates his goal against Iran with Di Maria during their 2014 World Cup Group F soccer match at the Mineirao stadium in Belo Horizonte

83 percent of the winners after the group stage in Brazil wore lighter colors than their opponents.

COULTER: Soccer: Part Deux

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter

‘Soccer fans have decided to prove me wrong about soccer being a fruity sport by spending the last week throwing hissy fits.’

COULTER: America's Favorite National Pastime: Hating Soccer

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter

‘Any growing interest in soccer can only be a sign of the nation’s moral decay.’

Soccer Isn't An Un-American Sport. Football Is.

Opinion | Stan Veuger
Jermaine Jones of the U.S. celebrates after scoring a goal during the 2014 World Cup G soccer match between Portugal and the U.S. at the Amazonia arena

‘In a non-socialist, deeply American sport like soccer, low scores are a fair price to pay for decency and freedom.’

CNN's John Berman Loves Ticking Off Europeans By Calling It 'Soccer'

Sports | Brendan Bordelon

‘Soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer!’