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Ted Cruz rejects Rand Paul's call to 'agree to disagree' on social issues

‘I think we should continue to defend our shared values’

Democrats use running mate against Cuccinelli


Media eagerly lap up oppo research on E.W. Jackson’s zaniest comments

Boy Scouts may allow gay members - TheDCNF


Vote would prohibit exclusion of gay scounts but not change policy on gay scoutmasters

During State of the Union, Obama to claim economic benefits from progressive goals - TheDC

President Obama Addresses The Nation During State Of The Union Address

New economic hooks for immigration policy, education spending, tax increases, ‘green tech’ spending

My father's party

The GOP needs to embrace compromise and soften its stances on social issues.

Why Republicans usually win on social issues (and why this helps Santorum) - TheDC's Matt Lewis

Why Republicans usually win on social issues

Rick Santorum isn't coming for your birth control

What he is interested in is debating the merits of contraception.

JAMES POULOS: The horrible truth behind the war on the middle class - TheDC Opinion

Pending Home Sales

Neither Democrats nor Republicans are waging it.

Rick Perry's prayer event goes off without a hitch

Those who were expecting ranting and hate speech were sorely disappointed.

Mitch Daniels' 'truce' talk still a big problem

We know that Mitch Daniels ultimately will do the right thing. The question is: Will he fight for what’s right?

Economic issues are social issues

Any issue that affects the ability of entrepreneurs to build the American dream or create jobs is a social issue.

Dreading their futures

The upcoming vote on whether to defund Planned Parenthood puts 3 Democratic senators in a tough spot.

Study shows one fifth of U.S. women have kids with multiple fathers - MSNBC

A University of Michigan study shows that 1 in 5 women have kids with different birth fathers

What to make of the NFL-domestic violence link

After an NFL team unexpectedly loses a game, domestic violence in the team’s hometown increases by 10 percent.

The media's sex-abuse double standard

The media’s coverage of the Catholic Church’s sex-abuse scandals has been biased and dishonest.

Father says boy, 12, who is charged with hate crime is Muslim too - NY Post

Frank Davies, 32, wants to know how his son, a Muslim, can be charged with committing anti-Muslim ‘hate crime’

The Irish: the illegal immigrants of yesteryear

It wasn’t always so acceptable to celebrate Irish heritage in America.

People who favor small government are not racist - TheDC

Surveys show that small-government advocates are substantially less likely to be racist than big-government advocates.

Huckabee wants to 'keep it simple' - TheDC

Huckabee says ‘keep it simple’ as he gears up for possible presidential run

BYU right to suspend basketball star Brandon Davies

The rest of the country could learn a lesson from BYU — a lesson about sports, about honor, and about sex.