Google Has Stopped Being Cool

Opinion | Mytheos Holt

Google wants to be every internet user’s uncool, hectoring, preachy, leftist mom.

Chris Dodd is here to tell you Google is the devil

Tech | Josh Peterson

Hollywood vs. search engines

Internet sales taxes are no way to court younger voters

Opinion | John Tate

‘One might think the SOPA experience would have taught the GOP young voters want government’s hands off the Internet.’

RIAA showing massive revenue decline - TorrentFreak

Tech | Josh Peterson

The effects of the decline in revenue are also visible in the massive cuts in personnel.

'Digital Bill of Rights' gets positive reception from entertainment industry - TheDC

Politics | Josh Peterson

California Rep. Darrell Issa is crowdsourcing a proposed list of protections for Internet users

BOB BARR: Feds pressing for Internet control

Opinion | Bob Barr

A new piece of legislation called CISPA would give the federal government greater regulatory control over the Web.

Rosen vocally supported SOPA - TheDC

Politics | Josh Peterson

Democratic strategist claimed complaints against SOPA and PIPA were attempts to justify stealing

GARY SHAPIRO: From 'Gladiator' to today, the people do rule (on occasion)

Business | Gary Shapiro

Why the uproar over SOPA reminds me of a scene in the 2000 movie ‘Gladiator.’

GARY SHAPIRO: Congress must keep the Internet OPEN - TheDC Opinion

Business | Gary Shapiro

The OPEN Act would allow the feds to combat Internet piracy in a way that doesn’t make the Internet less open.

Celebrities against SOPA - TheDC

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 14: Actor Aziz Ansari arrives at The Art Of Elysium's 5th Annual Heaven Gala on January 14, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

A group of celebs penned an open letter to Congress on dangers of passing the controversial legislation

Should copyright laws exist at all?

Opinion | Sean W. Malone

Why I’m growing increasingly skeptical of the very idea of “intellectual property.”

Rubio, Cornyn and Blunt bail on PIPA - Reuters

Tech | InternAdmin

As more websites declare war against SOPA and PIPA, politicians rescind support for the bills

Pull the plug on SOPA/PIPA

Opinion | Bruce Walker

Protecting copyrights and trademarks is indeed important, but the bills go too far.

Reddit founder and other SOPA critics convene before Congress Wednesday - Forbes

Tech | Josh Peterson

“Bring in the nerds!”

Wikipedia to join Reddit blackout to protest SOPA, PIPA - TheDC

Tech | Josh Peterson

‘Student warning! Do your homework early’

Wikipedia will blackout Wednesday to protest SOPA - Slate

Tech | InternAdmin

You may need to dust off the old encyclopedia as Wikipedia blacks out Wednesday

NEIL STEVENS: SOPA is the wrong solution to any problem we might believe it would solve - TheDC Opinion

Opinion | Neil Stevens

To pass it would threaten the liberties and livelihoods of anyone who uses the Internet for business, politics, or pleasure

MC Hammer says don't 'touch this' - TheDC

Tech | Josh Peterson
MC Hammer

Responding to Rep. Lamar Smith’s legislation to allow the Justice Department to block foreign websites

Christian Science Monitor: GoDaddy Boycott over SOPA reveals state of Internet politics - Christian Science Monitor

Tech | Josh Peterson

‘The House bill angered many Web users with provisions that could effectively shut down websites with little warning’

RedState's Erickson vows to stop Blackburn's re-election bid - TheDC

Tech | Alexis Levinson
Rep. Marsha Blackburn

Erickson claims it’s nothing personal, he just can’t reconcile her support for anti-online piracy bill