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Chris Dodd is here to tell you Google is the devil

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Hollywood vs. search engines

Internet sales taxes are no way to court younger voters

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‘One might think the SOPA experience would have taught the GOP young voters want government’s hands off the Internet.’

RIAA showing massive revenue decline - TorrentFreak

2008 UJA Federation Music Visionary Award Luncheon

The effects of the decline in revenue are also visible in the massive cuts in personnel.

'Digital Bill of Rights' gets positive reception from entertainment industry - TheDC

Don't Tread on Me

California Rep. Darrell Issa is crowdsourcing a proposed list of protections for Internet users

BOB BARR: Feds pressing for Internet control

A new piece of legislation called CISPA would give the federal government greater regulatory control over the Web.

Rosen vocally supported SOPA - TheDC


Democratic strategist claimed complaints against SOPA and PIPA were attempts to justify stealing

GARY SHAPIRO: From 'Gladiator' to today, the people do rule (on occasion)


Why the uproar over SOPA reminds me of a scene in the 2000 movie ‘Gladiator.’

GARY SHAPIRO: Congress must keep the Internet OPEN - TheDC Opinion

Darrell Issa

The OPEN Act would allow the feds to combat Internet piracy in a way that doesn’t make the Internet less open.

Celebrities against SOPA - TheDC

Aziz Ansari

A group of celebs penned an open letter to Congress on dangers of passing the controversial legislation

Should copyright laws exist at all?

Why I’m growing increasingly skeptical of the very idea of “intellectual property.”

Rubio, Cornyn and Blunt bail on PIPA - Reuters

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As more websites declare war against SOPA and PIPA, politicians rescind support for the bills

Pull the plug on SOPA/PIPA

Wikipedia SOPA

Protecting copyrights and trademarks is indeed important, but the bills go too far.

Reddit founder and other SOPA critics convene before Congress Wednesday - Forbes

Darrell Issa

“Bring in the nerds!”

Wikipedia to join Reddit blackout to protest SOPA, PIPA - TheDC


‘Student warning! Do your homework early’

Wikipedia will blackout Wednesday to protest SOPA - Slate


You may need to dust off the old encyclopedia as Wikipedia blacks out Wednesday

NEIL STEVENS: SOPA is the wrong solution to any problem we might believe it would solve - TheDC Opinion


To pass it would threaten the liberties and livelihoods of anyone who uses the Internet for business, politics, or pleasure

MC Hammer says don't 'touch this' - TheDC

MC Hammer

Responding to Rep. Lamar Smith’s legislation to allow the Justice Department to block foreign websites

Christian Science Monitor: GoDaddy Boycott over SOPA reveals state of Internet politics - Christian Science Monitor

Go Daddy domain

‘The House bill angered many Web users with provisions that could effectively shut down websites with little warning’

RedState's Erickson vows to stop Blackburn's re-election bid - TheDC

Rep. Marsha Blackburn

Erickson claims it’s nothing personal, he just can’t reconcile her support for anti-online piracy bill

U.S. government removes Chinese search engine from piracy list - Bloomberg

Cyber Defense

‘Bills under consideration in the U.S. Congress would target non-U.S. websites that distribute pirated digital content and counterfeit goods’