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End Entangling Alliances In Asia

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Chinese expansionism doesn’t threaten American sovereignty or security.

China To U.S.: Stay Out Of Our Business

China To U.S.: Stay Out Of Our Business

China is getting aggressive in the South China Sea

South China Sea Standoff: The U.S. Must Get Off The Sidelines

A Chinese coastguard vessel uses water cannon on a Vietnamese Sea Guard ship on the South China Sea near the Paracels islands

We should lift our ban on weapons sales to Vietnam and help them resist Chinese aggression.

TheDC Analysis: Obama doesn't seem to care about the cause of freedom - TheDC

Since taking office, President Obama has shown little interest in supporting freedom around the world

The Korean crisis demonstrates the need for a strong United States Navy

The US is surrendering control of the Pacific to China.

China groped us

Did a Chinese submarine launch a missile off the California coast earlier this month?

China tells U.S. to stay out of it - Bloomberg

Spokeswoman Jiang Yu says South China Sea issue ‘should be properly settled between China and countries directly involved’

Red tide rising

President Obama’s strategy of appeasing China is ineffective and dangerous.

U.S. changes tone with China - WaPo

U.S. facing backlash among Chinese officials

U.S. takes a tougher tone with China - WaPo

Obama administration adopts a tougher tone with China as part of a diplomatic balancing act

North Korea threatening 'physical response' - AP

Secretary Clinton and North Korea discuss ship sinking, U.S. sanctions

December 15, 2011: The last day of BP

Hey, Frank. Can you believe it was only 18 months ago you guys announced the sale of the first piece of BP – that $10 billion Alaska plot they nicknamed Palin’s Peaks – to start paying for their Gulf clean up?

Google shifts tactics after Beijing complains - San Jose Business Journal

In bid to keep Chinese business afloat, Google promises to stop redirecting visitors from in China site to one in Hong Kong

The problem with alliances: Britain and the Falklands

As the Falklands Islands dispute heats up again, the U.S. finds itself being pressed to take sides