Socialism (is) for dummies

Opinion | Burt Prelutsky

Why capitalism works and socialism doesn’t.

Germany divided over renaming street after Reagan - Fox News

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

Reagan’s role in bringing down the Iron Curtain and breaking the back of communism has touched off a national debate in Germany

History's end -- The partial vindication of Francis Fukuyama?

Feature:Opinion | Max Borders

Recent events in the Middle East are giving credence to the theory that democracy is the end state of mankind.

Rand Paul is right about Israel

Feature:Opinion | Benjamin Friedman

Israel no longer needs American aid.

It's still morning in America

Opinion | Rep. Joseph R. Pitts

I have confidence that we can come together to meet our fiscal obligations and restore confidence in our government.

President Obama, you're no Ronald Reagan

Opinion | David Bossie

Time magazine’s attempt to portray Obama as the next Reagan is absurd.

When Reagan battled the Soviets -- and American journalists - TheDC Opinion

Opinion | Paul Kengor

How liberal American journalists provided grist for the Kremlin propaganda mill

Bush's third term continues

Feature:Opinion | Ryan Young

Bush might as well have delivered last night’s State of the Union address.

TheDC Analysis: The myth of inevitable American decline (and China's rise) - TheDC

US | Jamie Weinstein

Don’t believe the hype, the 21st century will be a lot like the 20th century in so far as it is another American Century

The ACLU's untold Stalinist heritage - TheDC

US | John Rossomando

Declassified documents and letters link early ACLU leaders with Communist Party

Why isn't there any mention of Alan Gross on EcuRed?

Feature:Opinion | Rick Robinson

Cuba’s version of Wikipedia doesn’t mention Gross, an American who has spent the last year in a Cuban jail.

Why I oppose the DREAM Act

Feature:Opinion | Natasha Mayer

An immigrant explains why she opposes the DREAM Act, which would grant amnesty to the children of illegal immigrants.

Yippee, we're all abusers now!

Opinion | Carey Roberts

The definition of “domestic abuse” has been stretched so far that everyone’s guilty of it.

In arms treaty tussle, what would Reagan do? - NYT

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

Dueling op-ed columns in two leading newspapers on Thursday morning reflected the battle over who speaks for Reagan

For big-spending hawks, the U.S. military's work is never done

Opinion | Doug Bandow

Why do we spend billions of dollars protecting our prosperous allies?

10 questions with 'Whittaker Chambers' author - TheDC

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

Richard M. Reinsch II sits down with TheDC to discuss his provocative new book

TheDC Interview: P.J. O'Rourke - TheDC

Politics | Mike Riggs

How to interview P.J. O’Rourke on drugs while getting your mind blown and not embarrass yourself

The night the election maps turned Reagan blue

Opinion | Robert Morrison

Today is the 30th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s stunning 1980 victory.

Why are the Chinese so afraid of Liu Xia bao?

Opinion | Yuri Yarim-Agaev and Paul Gregory

China is upset that the Nobel Committee gave Liu its 2010 peace prize.

Conservatives without a cause

Opinion | Travis Korson

Before conservatives can tackle the crisis of growing government and spiraling debt, they’ll need to unite.