Chinese Space Station Will Fall Back To Earth Around Early April, Scientists Predict

World | Audrey Conklin
Just in time for your Easter egg hunt

This Astronaut Returned To Earth With DNA That Didn't Match His Twin Brother's -- And He Was 2 Inches Taller

US | Audrey Conklin
What happens when you live in space for a year

The Tesla in Space: Art or Travesty?

op-ed | Mark Whittington
The reactions of Lakdawalla and her friends seem to be colored by PC culture.

The NASA Support Problem Is So Big It's Breaking The Stratosphere

op-ed | Mark Whittington
Sen. Nelson has escalated his war against President Trump’s space program by vowing to fight a key element of that effort.

Will The Next War Start In Space?

Opinion | Joe Alton
For the human race, the final frontier might really be final, and it's just outside our atmosphere.

Trump Vows To 'Unlock The Mysteries Of Space' In Inauguration

Energy | Andrew Follett
We're 'ready to unlock the mysteries of space'

China's New Space Plan Aims To Expand Country's 'Size And Strength'

Energy | Andrew Follett
'NASA should be focused primarily on deep-space activities'

'Christmas Star' May Have Been A Black Hole Eating Star

Energy | Andrew Follett
Giving off 570 billion times more light than the sun

Chinese Astronaut Reveals Inexplicable Sound He Heard In Space

World | Ryan Pickrell
Mysterious knocking

EXCLUSIVE: This Video Game Predicted Exact Location Of 'Second Earth' By 20 Years

Tech | Andrew Follett
It accurately predicted several details of Proxima b in the real universe

SpaceX Rocket Launch Goes All Wrong

Tech | Andrew Follett
SpaceX plans to use a similar rocket to launch a human into space in October 2017

NASA Astounded The Physics-Defying 'Warp Drive' Works

Tech | Andrew Follett
'People all around the world have been measuring thrust'

No Aliens After All: The Mysterious Signal Was Actually Space Commies

World | Andrew Follett
'Emanating from an [old] Soviet military satellite'

Forget Global Warming, Astronomers Think Planet X Is The True Destroyer Of Worlds

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Could fundamentally change the fate of the solar system'

Astronauts Exit 'Mars Dome,' Are They Ready To Explore Another World?

Tech | Andrew Follett
'The technological and psychological obstacles can be overcome'

Astronomers Detect Mysterious Signal In Deep Space

Energy | Andrew Follett
It took more power to generate than humans will be capable of producing for the next 200 years

EXCLUSIVE: Here's What Life On The Newly-Discovered 'Second Earth' Would Probably Look Like

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Would be a different color, perhaps blue, perhaps red, perhaps even black.'

NASA Astronaut Breaks Record, Stays In Space For 521 Days

Energy | Andrew Follett
When he returns to Earth, he will have logged 534 days off the planet

Here's The Scientific Evidence There's A 'Second Earth' Close By

Energy | Andrew Follett
'A planet next door. How much more inspiring can it get?'

China: We're Sending A Rover To Mars In 2020

Tech | Andrew Follett
Hopefully the rover isn't Made In China

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